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Robin S.


Professor of Economics
Department of Economics, Harvard University

Robin S. Lee is Professor of Economics at Harvard University and a Research Associate at the National Bureau of Economic Research. He received his A.B. and A.M. in Economics and his Ph.D. in Business Economics from Harvard, and previously served on the faculty at New York University Stern School of Business.

Professor Lee's research examines how firms bargain, contract and form supply relationships in imperfectly competitive markets. His work develops and applies formal analytical frameworks that are flexible enough to capture important institutional details of real-world settings, and tractable enough for use by researchers and practitioners. He has examined several policy-relevant areas of debate across a variety of industries, including: narrow networks, selective contracting, and insurer-provider consolidation in health care markets; vertical integration, mergers, and exclusive deals in cable television and technology markets; and market design innovation in financial markets. His research is supported by the National Science Foundation.

Research fields: industrial organization, applied microeconomic theory, health economics.

Curriculum Vitae

Research Summary


11. The Price Effects of Cross-Market Hospital Mergers
(with Leemore Dafny and Kate Ho), Summer 2019, RAND Journal of Economics, 50(2): 286-325.
» Coverage: APM Marketplace

10. Equilibrium Insurer-Provider Networks: Bargaining and Exclusion in Health Care Markets (with Kate Ho), February 2019, American Economic Review, 109(2): 473-522.
» Online Appendix
» Non-Technical Summary: Microeconomic Insights

9. "Nash-in-Nash" Bargaining: A Microfoundation for Applied Work
(with Allan Collard-Wexler and Gautam Gowrisankaran), February 2019, Journal of Political Economy, 127(1): 163-195.
» Online Appendix

8. The Welfare Effects of Vertical Integration in Multichannel Television Markets
(with Gregory Crawford, Michael Whinston and Ali Yurukoglu), May 2018, Econometrica, 86(3): 891-954.
» Supplemental Material

7. Interviewing in Two-Sided Matching Markets
(with Michael Schwarz), Fall 2017, Rand Journal of Economics, 48(3): 835-855.

6. Hospital and Physician Prices and Treatment Choice in Labor and Delivery
(with Kyna Fong and Patricia Foo), Summer 2017, American Journal of Health Economics, 3(3): 422-453.

5. Insurer Competition in Health Care Markets
(with Kate Ho), March 2017, Econometrica, 85(2): 379-417.
» Supplemental Material
» Non-Technical Summaries: Microeconomic Insights, LSE Business Review, Vox EU

4. Competing Platforms
Fall 2014, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 23(3): 507-526.

3. Vertical Integration and Exclusivity in Platform and Two-Sided Markets
December 2013, American Economic Review, 103(7): 2960-3000.
» Online Appendix

2. Exclusivity and Control
(with Andrei Hagiu), Fall 2011, Journal of Economics and Management Strategy, 20(3): 679-708.
» Online Appendix

1. Multiple Equilibria and Selection by Learning in an Applied Setting
(with Ariel Pakes), July 2009, Economic Letters, 104(1): 13-16.


6. Narrow Medical Provider Networks: Welfare Implications and Approaches to Market Design
(with Kate Ho), in preparation for More Equal by Design: Economic Design Responses to Inequality, eds. Scott Duke Kominers and Alex Teytelboym, Oxford University Press.

5. Empirical Models of Bilateral Contracting
May 2015, Emerging Trends in the Social and Behavioral Sciences, eds. Robert A. Scott and Stephen M. Kosslyn, Wiley.

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August 2012, The Oxford Handbook of the Digital Economy, eds. Martin Peitz and Joel Waldfogel.

3. Price Discrimination in Service Industries
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2. Subsidizing Creativity through Network Design: Zero Pricing and Net Neutrality
(with Tim Wu), Summer 2009, Journal of Economic Perspectives, 23(3): 61-76.

1. Signaling Preferences in Interviewing Markets
(with Michael Schwarz), September 2007, in Computational Social Systems and the Internet, ed. by P. Cramton, R. Müller, E. Tardos, and M. Tennenholtz, no. 07271 in Dagstuhl Seminar Proceedings, Dagstuhl, Germany.


Will the Market Fix the Market? A Theory of Stock Exchange Competition and Innovation (with Eric Budish and John Shim), May 2019.
Available as NBER Working Paper 25855.

Markov-Perfect Network Formation: An Applied Framework for Bilateral Oligopoly and Bargaining in Buyer-Seller Networks
(with Kyna Fong), September 2013 (revise and resubmit, The Review of Economic Studies).


Health Insurance Menu Design: Managing the Spending-Coverage Tradeoff (with Kate Ho)

IndustrialOrganization Courses: Undergraduate

Econ1640, Industrial Organization (Fall 2019)
Tues 12-2:45, Sever 306

IndustrialOrganization Courses: Graduate (PhD)

Econ2610, Industrial Organization I (Fall 2019)
M/W 12-1:30, Littauer M-16/17

Econ2611, Industrial Organization II (Spring 2020)

Econ2612, Topics in Industrial Organization (Spring 2020)

IndustrialOrganization Seminars & Workshops

Harvard Seminar in IO
Mon 3-4:15, Littauer M-16

Econ3009, Graduate Student Workshop in IO
Wed 3-4:15, Littauer M-16

Econ2909, Graduate Student Reading Group in IO
Wed 1:30-2:45, Littauer M-16