STAT 315: Fundamentals of Computational Biology

Professors  Jun Liu and Wing Hung Wong

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Office (Jun Liu):  711 Science Center, 1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Office Phone: (617) 495-1600          Office Hours: by appointment

Class meets every Friday 1:00pm

Classroom changed to Science Center 110

       Syllabus of the course

       Reading list for projects


        Introduction and Biological Databases (9/22/00)

        Dynamic programming (DP) and BLOSUM. (9/29)

        Variations of DP and generative probability models (10/6)

        Sequence segmentation, Markov and HMM models (10/13)

        Estimation in HMM --- EM, Gibbs, Viterbi, etc. (10/20)

        Stochastic context-free grammar for RNA; MCMC computing (10/27) Note: you need to download it to your machine; Reader embedded in IE does not work for some parts.

       Gene regulation and motif finding; phylogenetic trees (11/3)

       Blast Theory (11/17)

       EST and Uni-gene; Detection of SNPs (12/1)

       Demonstrations of motif sampler and HMMs (12/8)

       Student Project Presentations (12/15; 1/5; 1/12)

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