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(JASA 1999,  94, 1-15)                      (Protein Sci. 1995, 4, 1618-32)


Main Collaborators' Websites

Computational Biology Softwares

The following downloadable softwares for analyzing biopolymer sequence data, microarray data, gene expression data, literature text data, etc. have been developed in my lab in collaboration with various collaborators. Please cite the related articles if you use them in your research. They are listed chronologically:

 et al. 1997 ) and J. Am. Statist. Assoc. (Liu et al. 1999)





Some Talks in Slides




Courses I have taught and am Teaching

STAT 115 (Bioinformatics) ;

STAT 220 (Stochastic Processes);

STAT 171 (Stochastic Processes)

STAT 311 (Monte Carlo Computation)

STAT 171 (Stochastic Processes)

STAT 311 (Monte Carlo Computation)

STAT 171 (Stochastic Processes). Meetings: SC 309, TTh 11:30-1.

STAT 315 (Comp Biology and Related Topics). Meetings: SC 706, Th 2:30-4.




Students and Visitors

Former Ph.D. Students:

Chiara Sabatti (1998); Associate Professor, Dept Biostatistics, Stanford

Yuguo Chen (2001); Associate Professor, Dept Statistics, UIUC

Xiaole Liu (2002); Associate Professor, Dept Biostatistics and Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, HSPH.

Scott Schmidler (2001, delayed 2002); Associate Professor, Dept Statistics, Duke University

Mayetri Gupta (2003); Associate Professor, Dept Biostatistics, Boston University

Tanya Logvinenko(2003); Assist Prof of Medicine, Institute of CRHPS, Tufts University

Shane Jensen (2004); Associate Professor, Dept Statistics, Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania

Hosung Kang (2005); Quantitative Analyst, Washington Mutual.

Gopika Goswami (2005); Quantitative Analyst, Barclay Bank.

Peng Zhang (HSPH, 2007), Postdoc, Harvard.

W. Evan Johnson (HSPH, 2007), Assist Prof, Brigham-Young University, Utah.

Jiajun Gu (DEAS, 2008), Analyst, Swiss Bank

Xiaodan Fan (2008), Assist Prof, Chinese University of Hong Kong

Tingting Zhang (2008, Joint with Sam Kou), Assist Prof, Univ of Virginia

Paul Edelfsen (2009, Joint with Art Dempster), Assistant Member, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center

Yuan Yuan (2009), Researcher, Google

Wei Zhang (2009), Quantitative Analyst, Citadel

Jing Maria Zhang (2009), Dept of Statistics, Yale University

Roee Gutman (2011, joint with Don Rubin), Assistant Prof., Department of Biostatistics, Brown University

          Bo Jiang (2013), Associate, Two-Sigma Investments LLC.

          Lei Guo (2013), CEO, Coco Voice

          Simeng Han (2014), Analysis Group, Beijing

          Daniel Fernandez (2014), In NYC

          Matey Neykov (2015, joint with Tianxi Cai), Postdoc, Princeton University.

          Yang Li (2016), Quantitative Researcher, Vatic Labs

Associates and Postdoctoral fellows:

Saunak Sen (1998-1999). Current: UCSF

Tianhua Niu (2000-2001). Current: Brigham and Women's Hospital

Steve Qin (2000-2003). Current: Dept of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics, Emory University

Erin Conlon (2000-2003). Current: Dept of Math, U of Mass, Amherst

Haiyan Huang (2001-2003). Current: Dept of Stat, UC Berkeley

Xin Lu (2001-2004). Current: Dept of Biostat, UC San Diego

Lei Shen (2003-2005). Current: Senior Bioinformatics Scientist, Agencourt Bioscience Co.

Ping Ma(2003-2005). Current: Dept of Statistics, UGA

Yu Zhang (2004-2006). Current: Dept of Statistics, Penn State U

Cristian Castillo-Davis (2004-2006). Current: Dept of Biology, U of Maryland, College Park.

Lihua Zou (2004-2006). Current: Research Scientist, Danna-Farber Cancer Institute

Guocheng Yuan (2005-2006). Current: Dept of Biostat, Harvard School of Public Health

Wenxuan Zhong (2005-2007). Current: Dept of Statistics, UGA

Jinfeng Zhang (2004-2007). Current: Florida State University

Chowdhary, Rajesh (2006-2008). Current: Marshfield Clinic Research Foundation

Liu, Xuxin (2007-2010). Current: Bank of America

Ke Deng (2008-2013). Current: Center of Statistical Sciences, Tsinghua Univ

Feng Hong (2009-2012). Current: Pfizer

Ming Hu (2010-2013). Current: Cleveland Clinic

Di Wu (2011-2014). Current: UNC Chapel Hill

Yang Liu (2011-2015). Current:

Bo Li (2014-present)

Rotation Students:

Junni Zhang (2000-2002)

Epaminondas Sourlas (2002)

Su Ying Quek (2001)

Calvin Chiu (2001)

Lihua Zou (2003)

Qing Zhou (2003)

James Signorovitch (HSPH, 2005-2006)

Jiong Du (PKU, 2009-present)


Wen Zhang (2003-2004). Research Scientist.

Xiaobin Dong (2003-2004).

Hongwei Xie (2004-2005): Professor and Chair, Technical University of Defense, China

Xuegong Zhang (2006): Professor and Director of Bioinformatics, Tsinghua U, China

Jianhua Xu (2008-2009): Professor, Nanjing Normal University

Jack Y. Yang (2007-present): Research Assoc, UCSD



Selected Publications and Reports:

  My Top Ten Interesting  Papers  (till 2007)


  2011+ (see my google scholar page)





















My Book on Monte Carlo (2001)

Sample chapters from the book: Preface, Table of Content, and Chapter 1, Chapter 4, and Chapter 5.