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Savage's approach to research, via Mosteller copy from Jon McAuliffe's webpage):

Courses currently teach (Fall 2015):

STAT 220

New Software:

DS:  Dynamic Slicing for k-Sample Testing


SIRI:  SIR for variable selection via Inverse modeling


BACH: Bayesian 3D constructor for Hi-C data (NEW: user-friendly GUI is available now!)


HiCNorm: removing biases in Hi-C data via Poisson regression


PACO: Pattern-collapsed (PACO) EM algorithm for delay tomography


Tmod: A Windows-based software suite for sequence motif discovery


BiotextMiner: A webserver to mine for protein-protein interactions



My book on Monte Carlo methods:

Sample chapters from the book: Preface, Table of Content, and Chapter 1, Chapter 4, and Chapter 5.


Job Openings:


Applicants are invited for a two-year postdoctoral position to work?on computational biology/bioinformatics and/or statistical genetics. Interested candidates possessing a Ph.D., with a strong background in molecular biology/biochemistry and computer programming should forward their CV, selected reprints, a statement of research interests and goals (2-3 pages), and the contact information (phone, email, address) for three references to:

Professor Jun Liu

Department of Statistics, Harvard University

Science Center 715, 1 Oxford Street

Cambridge, MA 02138


Who I Am and What I Do

Interesting quotes from my friend Ying Nian Wu's website:

The true logic of this world is in the calculus of probabilities. --- J. C. Maxwell

What we see is the solution to a computational problem, our brains compute the most likely causes for the photon absorptions within our eyes. --- H. Helmholtz

I am a teacher who wants to learn all the unknowns and a researcher who is fond of the beauty of mathematics and of the beings. I love statistics, which is both my life and my fun; I like bridge, soccer, badminton and skiing. I am fascinated by biology and by nature wonders of all sorts. Here is a profile article about me published by Harvard University Gazette. Contact me: Department of Statistics, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA 02138.


Table of Contents

Link to Professional Societies:

Past Workshops

First Cape Cod Workshop on Monte Carlo Methods

Hyannis, Massachusetts. September 13-14, 2002

Second Cape Cod Workshop on Monte Carlo Methods

Cambridge, Massachusetts. August 27-28, 2004

Third Workshop on Monte Carlo Methods

Cambridge, Massachusetts. May 13-14, 2007

The First Wuxi Interational Statistics Forum

Wuxi, Jiangsu, P.R. China. July 17-19, 2011

The Second Taihu Interational Statistics Forum

Taihu, Jiangsu, P.R. China. July 6-8, 2013

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