Workshop: Applied Spatial Statistics in R

Yuri M. Zhukov, Department of Government, Harvard University

10:00 - 14:00, 20 Jan 2010, CGIS K-050, Institute for Quantitative Social Science

These are the online materials for a workshop on spatial data analysis held at IQSS on 20 January 2010. The workshop is designed as a crash-course in key concepts and methods, with an emphasis on implementation and applications of spatial analysis for social science research. It covers basic data management and visualization, spatial autocorrelation, spatial weights, point pattern analysis, geostatistics, and spatial regression. Each section is followed by an exercise in R, in which participants will implement the techniques and models discussed in the slides.

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Full workshop (large file!) All Slides
1. Introduction, Data Types and Basic Visualization Section 1
2. Spatial Autocorrelation Section 2
3. Spatial Weights Section 3
4. Spatial Point Processes Section 4
5. Geostatistics Section 5
6. Spatial Regression Section 6


R Code Code
Datasets.RData Data 1
polity.csv Data 2
world.shp Data 3
world.dbf Data 4
world.shx Data 5
All Datasets + R code (zip archive) All Data
Guide to Map Projections in R proj4string