Xi Yin

Jefferson Physical Laboratory

17 Oxford St.

Cambridge, MA USA

(last updated September 2015)

I’m a professor of physics at Harvard University. My general research interests are string theory, quantum field theory, and mathematical physics. The topics I am currently studying include:

  1. supersymmetry constraints on the dynamics of gauge theory and string theory

  2. matrix quantum mechanics

  3. conformal field theories

  4. integrable models

Topics I have worked on in the past, temporarily shelved (you never know, I might return to these any time):

  1. three-dimensional quantum gravity

  2. Chern-Simons-matter theories

  3. higher spin gravity

  4. BPS states and black holes in string theory

  5. Topological strings and enumerative geometry

I have a keen interest in various topics in pure mathematics (not necessarily connected to physics).