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Sanskrit Education: Bowing Our Heads ToTradition?
                 Looking backwards, inwards or finding one's roots --
The why, what and how (and how not) to teach Sanskrit
OUTLOOK July 9, 2001   (pdf)  (dvi)(tex)

                                                       MORE: A Bushy Tail: The Piltdown Horse. OUTLOOK Nov.6, 2000

FRONTLINE,Oct. 13, 2000, (released Sept. 27, 2000): HORSEPLAY IN HARAPPA, by Steve Farmer & Michael Witzel,

with a perspective, by Romila Thapar (all in pdf files)   --  HINDI VERSION  in SAHMAT no. 7, 2000 (pdf format here, large file!)

All original papers, discussion, and follow up articles are collected by S. Farmer athttp://www.safarmer.com/frontline/