Archaeology and language



O. Bar-Yosef : Neandertals and Modern Humans in the Caucasus region - continuity or replacement?


Ph. Kohl  : The circulation of materials and peoples between the steppes and the greater ancient Near East in late prehistoric times.


M. Witzel : Sintashta,  BMAC and the Indo-Iranians. A query.


R. Mughal :   Ethnoarchaeological  investigations in Chitral, Pakistan: A preliminary survey


S. Farmer : The Functions of Myth in Indus Inscriptions


R. Meadow  : Aspects of the iconography of the molded tablets from Harappa


S. Clark : Interpretation myths about the Indus ‘mother goddess’ figurines


P. Eltsov :  The idea of the Harappan and Gangetic city: archaeology and  texts




S. Palaniappan : Tamil vs. Aryan: Identities in conflict and coexistence







J. Bengtson:  Recent findings on Burushaski and its probable genetic relationships  (Evolution of Human Language, a project of the Santa Fe Institute)


F. Southworth  :  Non-Indo-Aryan elements in Marathi: implications for the early  history of the Deccan


M. Lockwood  : The  Creation of the Pallava Tamil Script.


A. Sharma: Dr. B.R. Ambedkar on the Aryan Invasion



Genetics and Comparative mythology



P. Underhill : The South Asian Y chromosome landscape


R. Villems :  Genetics of South, Central and Northern Asia




M. Witzel :  Laurasian, Gondwana and Pan-Gaean mythology (summary only)


J.R. Gardner : Database and advanced search engines for mythology and genetics.


W. van Binsbergen :   Long-range mythical continuities across Asia and Africa: Linguistic and iconographic evidence concerning leopard symbolism.







K. Tuite  :  Methodological issues in the study of Eurasian shamanism


G. Thompson : Shamanism in the Rgveda and its Central Asian antecedents.


T. Osada: Mundra Creation Myths


A. Daladier : War-Khasi Mythology


V. Blazek : Indo-Iranian elements in the Fenno-Ugric mythological vocabulary  -- and  vice versa?


J. Colarusso : Nart sagas (Northwest Caucasian and Ossetian)


Ph. Nicholson :  Meditation Induced Light Images in the Religious Cultures of Ancient India, China and Tibet.


W. Lai : The Problem with Creation Myths. A Chinese Aberation? Or Maybe Not.


M. Puett : Notes on Early Chinese Ritual