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Audio Files for Philosophy 139 - Later Heidegger

Fall 2008

Note: These lectures are in WMA format. You may need to convert them to some other format, like MP3, to play them in iTunes. I'm told the Windows version of iTunes will do this conversion for you automatically, but if you use a Mac you will need to use some software. See, for example, this web page for instructions about one set of free software that will perform the conversion.


Seminar 1 - Introduction

Seminar 2 - Background and OWA

Seminar 3 - OWA II

Seminar 4 - OWA III

Seminar 5 - QCT (partial)

Seminar 6 - QCT II

Seminar 7 - The Turning

Seminar 8 - What are poets for? (part I)

Seminar 8 - What are poets for? (part II)

Seminar 9 - Remembrance

Seminar 10 - Hölderlin and the essence of poetry

Seminar 11 - The Thing (not recorded)

Seminar 12 - Building, Dwelling, Thinking

Seminar 13 - Conclusion (incomplete)


NB: The room on the server is limited. When I reach the limit then I will remove the oldest files in order to add the newest ones.




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