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1. money & language

The Economy of Literature. Johns Hopkins 1978, 1994. Preview.


The Economy of Literature (chapters 1-3)
  Front Matter
1 The Ring of Gyges
2 The Language of Character: An Introduction to a Poetics of Monetary Inscriptions
3 The Golden Fleece and the Voice of the Shuttle: Economy in Literary Theory
  Plates (pictures):

Art & Money. University of Chicago Press, 1995. Table of Contents. Preview. Review NY Times. Review Art Journal.

(For zoomification of "Handel With Care" (the painting), click here.)

Money, Language, and Thought: Literary and Philosophical Economies from the Medieval to the Modern Era. University of California, 1982. Johns Hopkins, 1994. Preview.

Money, Language, and Thought (chapters 1-3,5)
  Front Matter
  Introduction: From Electrum to Electricity
1 The Gold Bug: Introduction to "the Industry of Letters" in America
2 The Blank Check: Accounting for the Grail
3 The Wether and the Ewe: Verbal Usury in The Merchant of Venice
5 Money of the Mind: Dialectic and Monetary Form in Kant and Hegel.
  Plates 1-10, 11-20, 21-24
  Three Appendices
German Exhibition
Italian Translation (Il Mulino).
Mexican translation (Fondo de Cultura Economica).
Mexican translation (Fondo de Cultura Economica).
Wampum and the Origin of American Money (Illinois UP 2007) [cover]


The Painting in the Trash Bin: Otis Kaye and the Perplexities of Art (Chicago UP 2008)


Japanese translation (Misuzu Shobo, 2004).
2. nationhood & language difference
Children of the Earth: Literature, Politics, and Nationhood. Oxford University Press, 1994 .. Review 2. Review 2. Review 3: Political Theory.


Children of the Earth (all chapters)
  Preface and Contents
1 The Judgment of Solomon; or, An American Introduction to the Study of Brothers and Others. Notes.
2 From Coexistence to Toleration; or, Marranos (Pigs) in Spain .Notes.
3 The Forked Tongue; or, The Road Not Taken in Quebec. Notes.
4 From Dormition to Nation; or, The Sinful Soul of England. Notes.
5 Hoodman-Blind; or, Hamlet and the End of Siblinghood . Notes.
6 Children of the Nation; or, France , Orphanhood, and Jean Racine. Notes.
7 The Family Pet; or, The Human and the Animal. Notes.
8 Tribal Brotherhood and Universal Otherhood; or, “In the presence of my enemies”. Notes.
  Conclusion: Uncommonly Common Kin. Notes.


Japanese translation (Misuzu Shobo, 2002).
  3. kinship
Grand Manan; or, A Short History of North America (McGill-Queens UP 2008)
The End of Kinship (all chapters )
  Front Matter
  Introduction. Notes.
1 Civilization and Its Discontents. Notes.
2 Children of Adoption. Notes.
3 Individual Intent and Act. Notes.
4 Taliation—Part One: Punishment and Ransom . Notes.
5 Taliation—Part Two: Likeness and Identity. Notes.
6 Incest in Pardon and Marriage. Notes.
  Conclusion. Notes.
  Section frontispieces: Introduction, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, Conclusion.
4. non-English languages and literatures of the United States
Elizabeth's Glass. With "The Glass of the Sinful Soul" (1544) by Elizabeth I and "Epistle Dedicatory " & "Conclusion " (1548) by John Bale, University of Nebraska Press, 1994. Review.Review 2. Review 3.
American Babel: Literatures of the United States from Abnaki to Zuni. Harvard University Press, 2003. Table of Contents. Ch 25: Shell, "Mark Twain's 'Jumping Frog'." Review: Magill's Literary Annual (2003) .

The Multilingual Anthology of American Literature: A Reader of Original Texts with English Translations. New York University Press, 2000. Table of Contents. Ch. 22: "Germerican Writing."

5. medical and disability Studies

Polio and Its Aftermath: The Paralysis of Culture. Harvard University Press, 2005. Excerpt. Hour-long interview on National Public Radio. Review 1 : Journal of the History of Medicine. Review 2: The New Atlantis. Review 3: American Historical Society. Review 4: Steve Kroll-Smith, Journal of the American Medical Association / JAMA 294.14 (Oct 2005). Interview on CBC "Ideas" series (25 Jun 2007).

Stutter. Harvard University Press, 2006. Excerpt 1.Excerpt 2. Table of Contents. Review 1 by George Fetherling. Review 2: The Village Voice . Review 3: The Harvard Crimson. Review 4: Neurology Today. Review 5: Jonathan Mirsky, Spectator (1 July 2006). Review 6: Steven Connor, BookForum (Apr-May 2006) Review 7: Harry Eyres, Financial Times Magazine (March 2006). Review 8: David B. Rosenfeld, Neurology Today (October 2006). Harvard Magazine. Amazon.

Stutter includes studies of Shakespeare's Hamlet and of Marilyn Monroe.
Polio and Its Aftermath includes studies of Alfred Hitchcock's Rear Window and of the general relationship between cinema and paralysis.
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