Dynamic Slicing for Hypothesis Testing


Dynamic slicing is a novel method for detecting interaction between two groups of observations. Specifically, we develop dynamic slicing scheme to deal with non-parametric K-sample test. Dynamic slicing is implemented in C++ and does not require any additional library. But for this program, it requires GNU C library and GNU scientic library (GSL, version: 1.15). Unix/Linux systems are recommended.

User's manual

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Source code and software download

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Also available at CRAN: https://cran.r-project.org/web/packages/dslice/index.html

Relationship between penalty and Type I error

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If you use dynamic slicing, citation should be:

Jiang, B., Ye, C. and Liu, J.S. (2014) Non-parametric K-sample Tests via Dynamic Slicing. Journal of the American Statistical Association110 (510), 642-653.

Contact us

Dr. Bo Jiang
E-mail: bojiang83@gmail.com

Prof. Jun S. Liu
E-mail: jliu@stat.harvard.edu



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