Activities to encourage the participation of women in physics

The Committee on Faculty Diversity was a group of Harvard scientists appointed by Dean Jeremy Knowles in 1999 to encourage recruitement of women onto the Harvard science faculty. The original committee members were Professors co-chairs John Dowling and Cyndy Friend, Howard Georgi, Barbara Grosz and Dudley Herschbach Later members of the committee included Professors Naomi Pierce, Colleen Cavanaugh, Catherine Dulac, Lisa Randall, Steven Wofsy and Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Edward Kleifgen. The committee withered away during the Summers administration, because so many other forums were addressing these issues.

A collection of documents relevant to Women in Science at Harvard and elsewhere:

  • Gender Equity: Strengthening the Physics Enterprise in Universities and National Laboratories - Power point slides (in pdf)
  • Women and the Future of Physics - PDF Slides from Howard Georgi's lecture on the subject. This version was given at FNAL on 10/20/04. Streaming video is available on the FNAL site. He has given similar lectures at Michigan, Argonne, Stanford, and as the Boris Jacobsohn Lecture at University of Washington.

  • IUPAP (International Union of Pure and Applied Physics) International Conference on Women in Physics - Paris, March 7-9, 2002

  • The MIT Faculty Report - Celebrated study on the status of women science faculty at MIT

  • Unconscious discrimination against women in science - An article by Howard Georgi in the American Physical Society News

  • Women in Astronomy - STATUS - the newsletter of the American Astronomical Society Committee on the Status of Women in Astronomy, containing an article by Howard Georgi

  • The NSAWS Conference - the National Symposium on the Advancement of Women in Science, April 11-12, presented by Women in Science at Harvard/Radcliffe

  • The Grosz Report - The first report of the FAS Standing Committee on the Status of Women, issued in 1991, on women in the sciences at Harvard