Howard Georgi's home page

    Howard Georgi's home page
Mallinckrodt Professor of Physics

Motto: If you are doing everything well, you are not doing enough good.

  • Uganda journal pdf

  • A Case for Diversity - talk at final dinner for the PRISE/BLISS/PRIMO programs - summer of 2012

  • Georgi's "Zoom office hours" schedule - these change from week to week and they are usually posted on the weekend for the following week.

    Here also is a link to David Morin's office hours

  • My view of Diversity - Talk at final PRISE dinner - 2012

  • Gussie Georgi - In Memoriam

  • PDF Slides for Barcelona Unparticle Public Talk - 5/08

  • PDF Slides for Irvine Unparticle Colloquium - 1/24/08

  • Physics Department Photos

  • CV - PDF file

  • Links to old courses and related stuff. Links to current courses (including Physics 16) can be found in the online course catalog.

    Links to other things