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Gabriele Fariello

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Gabriele Fariello is an internationally recognized leader in building, improving, and turning-around computational science, data science, and information technology organizations. He created and teaches the introductory survey course in machine learning and artificial intelligence at Harvard University. Early in his career, he was hired as teaching staff at his alma mater, the University of Wisconsin in Madison even prior to receiving his undergraduate degree (B.Sc.) in molecular biology. There he quickly rose from student help to co-founder the Systems Engineering Group for the Division of Information Technology responsible for providing high-level technical support and innovation for the campus. By the age of 25, he had founded a successful company (Clotho Interactive Media, Inc.) which he sold three years later in 1999 when he moved to Boston to improve the operation of the gene sequence assembly pipeline at Millennium Pharmaceuticals (now Takeda Oncology ) part of the private-sector's efforts on the Human Genome Project. There he quickly rose to leadership positions where he created and directed the Bioinformatics Systems Administration Group and subsequently oversaw the technical aspects of pharmacovigilance and regulatory compliance. Leaving in 2003 to found a successful consulting firm, Fariel LLC, he worked with law firms, investors, and early-stage venture-funded biotech and pharma companies to implement data and information technology strategies. Joining Harvard University in 2006 as the manager of a pilot interdisciplinary project at the Initiative in Innovative Computing (IIC), in less than a year he was appointed Harvard’s Head of Neuroinformatics where he co-founded with Randy Buckner and headed the internationally recognized group for almost a decade. While Head of Neuroinformatics, he accepted a co-appointment as Director of Clinical Informatics at Harvard Medical School’s affiliated Massachusetts General Hospital, one of the oldest and most respected hospitals in the United States. There he led the group responsible for enabling and accelerating the research of 1,119 active researchers. In 2013, Gabriele joined Harvard University’s newest school, the Harvard School of Engineering and Applied Sciences, as the inaugural Assistant Dean for Computing and Chief Information Officer. During his four years there he held multiple university-level leadership positions including chairing committees and initiatives while also achieving multiple notable accomplishments such as first school to move enterprise infrastructure to the Cloud, providing “10-nines” scientific data durability, creating the first cloud data security SOP all while reducing costs by $14M over three years while increasing computing power more than fifty-fold through collaboration, to name a few. In 2017, Gabriele returned to a teaching and research appointment at Harvard University's Faculty of Arts and Sciences and the Division of Continuing Education respectively. There he has been tasked with creating a leadership course and program proposal (working title of "Leading Digital Transformations") slated to be offered in the Fall of 2020. He simultaneously reestablished his strategic consulting firm Fariel, LLC and joined a startup with IP originally created under a DARPA grant, SmartPoints Technologies, Inc., as Advisory Board Member and Chief Information & Technology officer of SmartPoints Medical, Inc. and SmartPoints IoT, Inc. after contributing his own novel intellectual property. There he led the team which completed the first prototypes tested the technology at multiple hospitals and in collaboration with Siemens Healthineers and GE Healthcare. At the request of the Provost for the University of Rhode Island, Gabriele stepped in as interim CIO for the university for nine months helping with the search for a permanent CIO and implementing significant organizational changes and moving ERP systems to the Cloud without hiring new staff or asking for additional funds. Gabriele has been on the Board of Directors and Board of Advisors for several startups, has had multiple speaking engagements, and has several publications including in Nature.

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