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Working Paper Abstracts, 1996- 2010

The full text of all of the Working Papers is available through the Seminar office. Please contact the Administrative Director to obtain a copy of any paper.

In this alphabetical list, each author's name is linked to the abstract of his or her paper, grouped by session year. From the abstracts pages, authors' names are linked to the Seminar program for that year.


Olutayo Adesina, “The Culture of Entrepreneurship, Cross-Cultural Visions, and the Construction of African-American Standards of Inheritance.” WP#98018

Alejandro Agüero.  "On Justice and 'Home Rule' Tradition in the Spanish Colonial Order" WP#1001

Christopher Albi.  "Francisco Xavier Gamboa and the Basque Atlantic: Law and Patronage in Late Colonial Mexico" WP#1002

Carmen Alveal, “Land, Politics, and Society in Colonial Brazil: A Native Perspective.” WP#04014

Carmen Alveal. "Difficulties of Legal Implementation of Sesmarias in Colonial Brazil: The Gap Between Law and Practice" WP#1003

Caitlin Anderson, “‘National Characters’: Law, Migration, and Identity in the British Legal World, 1776-1830.” WP#04CR013

Jennifer L. Anderson, “Bounding Oceans, Encompassing Forests: Mobility and Dislocation in the Eighteenth-Century Atlantic Mahogany Trade.” WP#04CR018

Marcelo Aranda "Comets, Colonies, and Bequests: The Instrumentalism of Carlos de Sigüenza y Góngora." WP#0901

David Armitage, “From the Empire of Great Britain to the British Empire: The Emergence of the British Atlantic Community, c. 1540-1740.” WP#97020

Katherine Arner"Making Yellow Fever American: America, Great Britain and the Transatlantic Travails of Yellow Fever, 1793-1810." WP#0902

Eric H. Ash, “‘A note and a Caveat for Merchants’: Mercantile Expertise in Elizabethan England” WP#99003

Guillaume Aubert, “Colonial Mésalliances: The Metropolitan Roots of Racial Prejudice in the French Americas.” WP#00001

David Aworawo, “Cultural Atavism and Adaptation: The Varying Responses to Western Culture in Benin and Warri, 1520.” WP#04017

David Aworawo "From Pirates’ Haven to Sugar Island: Anglo-Spanish Rivalry and the Transformation of Jamaica, 1655-1720."

Célia M. Azevedo, “The Ethiopian Redeemed and the Circulation of Antislavery Ideas.” WP#00031

R. Jovita Baber, “Vexatious Outsiders: The Shaping of Colonial Spaces in Tlaxcala, New Spain, 1550-1590.” WP#04013

Bernard Bailyn, “The Idea of Atlantic History.” WP#96001 [No abstract]

Ken Banks, “Imperial Control and Urban Autonomy in Eighteenth-Century French America.” WP#97010

Juliana Barr, “Gender and the Rituals of First Contact: Indian-Euroamerican Communication in the Colonial Spanish Borderlands.” WP#98005

Antonio Barrera, “Spanish Imperial Policy and the Control of Transatlantic Resources, or The Formation of Early Modern Science.” WP#97001

Maria Candida D. M. Barros, “The Office of Lingua: A Portrait of the Religious Interpreter in Brazil in the Sixteenth Century.” WP#98015

Jennifer L. Baszile, “The Struggle for Colonial Rule in the Age of Imperial Rivalry: The Case of Colonial Florida, 1670-1686.” WP#97027

Nicholas Beasley “'Death is more busy in this Place': Mortuary Ritual in the British Plantation Colonies, 1640-1780."

Charles Beatty-Medina, “Choosing between Rivals: The Spanish-African Maroon Competition for Captive Indian Labor in the Region of Esmeraldas during the Late Sixteenth and Early Seventeenth Century.” WP#04CR023

Rosalind J. Beiler, “Transporting Settlers to the British Colonies: The Religious Foundations of Transatlantic Migration.” WP#96004

Lígia Bellini, “Indigenous Agency and Colonial Encounters in Brazil, 1500-1600: History and Recent Historiography.” WP#97002

Saliha Belmessous, “Aspects of the Natives' Instrumentalization by the Colonial Authorities under the French Regime.” WP#97022

Christa Beranek"Personal Devotions, At-lantic Contexts: Catholic Religious Artifacts from Seventeenth-Century St. Mary’s City, Maryland."

Emily Berquist.  "Bishop Martínez Com-pañón’s Living Laboratory of Enlightenment in Trujillo, Peru."

Stephen R. Berry"Consecrating the At-lantic: Christian Approaches to Ship Life in the Eighteenth Century."

Christopher Bilodeau"Catholic Ritual and Hierarchy among the Wabanaki Indians, 1675-1725."

Ned Blackhawk, “The Violent Edge of Empire: The Spanish-Ute Alliance and the Origins of the Great Basin Indian Slave Trade.” WP#98020

Kristen Block.   “'Pirates,' Patrons, and the Performance of Catholic Conversion in Spanish Caribbean Ports, 1610-1660."

Heidi Bohaker, “Contesting the Middle Ground: The Dynamic Tradition of Indigenous Kinship Networks and Cross-Cultural Alliances in North America's Eastern Great Lakes Region, 1600-1700.” WP#04020

Maria Alessandra Bollettino"Black Warriors and the British Empire: The Evolving Bounds of Race and Civilized Warfare in the Seven Years’ War in the West Indies."

Denise Ileana Bossy, “‘A White Eagle Wing and a Yamasee Boy’: Indian Slavery in South Carolina after the Yamasee War, 1721-1732.” WP#04003

Eva Botella-Ordinas "Debating Empires: Atlantic Imperial Ideology and the Spanish-British Competition for the Americas, 1660s-1720s."

Nikolaus Böttcher, “The British Domination of Havana in 1762-1763 and Its Economic and Political Consequences.” WP#97011

Douglas M. Bradburn, “Subjects and Citizens, Patriots and Pirates: Expatriation, Naturalization, and the Problem of Allegiance in the Revolutionary Atlantic World.” WP#04CR012

Douglas M. Bradburn, “‘True Americans’ and ‘Hordes of Foreigners’: Immigrants, Federalists, and the Politics of National Citizenship in the United States, 1789-1800.” WP#01007

Michael J. Braddick, “Elite Co-Option and State Formation in the British Atlantic World, c. 1530-1700.” WP#97014

Scott Breuninger, “Westward the Course of Empire: The Translatio Tradition and Eighteenth-Century Anglo-American Theories of Historical Development.” WP#00022

Maurice J. Bric, “Irish Emigration to America, 1783-1800.” WP#96021

Catia Brilli. "The Napoleonic Wars and the Crisis of the Spanish Colonial Order, Premises for the Sardinian Participation in the Atlantic Trade." WP#0801

Claudia Brosseder.  “'Magic between Two Worlds': Sorcerers, Toads, and the Transit of the Christian Super- and Preternatural into Colonial Peru."

Christopher L. Brown, “The End of Innocence: Slavery, Politics, and the Idea of Moral Responsibility, 1764-1783.” WP#00029

Robert E. Brown, “Storks on the Moon and Other Invented Absurdities: Critical Historical Interpretation and the Shaping of Eighteenth-Century American Religious Discourse.” WP#00020

Denver A. Brunsman, “Everyday Escapes: The Art of Evading the British Press Gang.” WP#03010.

Alexander X. Byrd, “The Slave Trade from the Biafran Interior to Jamaica: Commerce, Culture Change, and Comparative Perspective.” WP#98001

John F. Campbell, “Seeing ‘She’ across the Sea: Reassessing Notions of Womanhood in the Eighteenth-Century Plantation World.” WP#98006

Lyndsay Campbell"Truth and Privilege: Libel Treatises and the Transmission of Legal Norms in the Early Nineteenth-Century Anglo-American World" WP#1004

Vera Candiani, “Failed Migrants in the Colonies: European Military Engineers in the Desiccation of the Basin of Mexico.” WP#04CR017

Jorge Cañizares Esguerra, “Nation and Nature: Patriotic Representations of Nature in Late Colonial Spanish America.” WP#98031

James Carson, “Old Worlds into New: An Ethnogeography of the Colonial South.” WP#02005

Thomas P. Chadwick, “Canvassing the Colonies: Comparative Representations of the Recruitment and Mobilisation of Trans-Atlantic Emigrants in Britain, 1580-1620 and 1660-1710.” WP#04CR002

Douglas B. Chambers, “Eboe, Kongo, Mandingo: African Ethnic Groups and the Development of Regional Slave Societies in Mainland North America, 1700-1820.” WP#96014

Ian Chambers, “‘Now we act more like Women than Head Men”: Gender and the Native American in the Colonial South.” WP#98007

Ian Chambers"Agents Provocateurs and Indians: The Struggle for the Eighteenth-Century American Southwest."

Paul Burton Cheney, “Mercantilism and Moeurs: Comparative History and Sociology in the Analysis of France's Overseas Trade, 1713-1748.” WP#99002

Guy Chet, “Starting Over: The Transformation of European Warfare in Colonial New England.” WP#98023

Ruma Chopra. "New Yorkers’ Vision of Reunion with the British Empire: ‘Quicken Others by our Example.’" WP#0802

Leslie Choquette, “Corporatism or Physiocracy? The Trades of French Canada in the Seventeenth and Eighteenth Centuries.” WP#97005

Emma Christopher, “As Black as a Tar: Seamen of African Origin and the Transatlantic Slave Trade.” WP#04CR001

Gloria Ifeoma Chuku, “Women as Actors and Victims of the Slave Trade in Igboland, Nigeria.” WP#99016

Nuran Çinlar, “Advice to Bachelors: Reading about Marriage in the Colonial Chesapeake.” WP#0007

Meri L. Clark, “‘The blight of bad examples’: Morals Legislation and Social Conflicts in Colombian Schooling, 1800-1830.” WP#02024

Kathryn A. Clippinger, “Dutch Families, Black and White: The Structure of Afro-Dutch Households on the New York Frontier, 1720-1820.” WP#02020

Paul Cohen, “Mediating Linguistic Difference in the Early Modern French Atlantic World: Linguistic Diversity in Old and New France.” WP#03017

Michael F. Conlin, “Joseph Priestley's American Defense of Phlogiston Theory: The Political Dimension.” WP#00017.

John C. Coombs, “‘The Substantial Planters Have of Those Negro Slaves’: The Transformation of Elite Labor Forces and the Development of Slave Society in Early Colonial Virginia.” WP#04CR020

Seth Cotlar, “Reading the Foreign News, Imagining an American Public Sphere: The Democratic-Republican Societies in Trans-Atlantic Context.” WP#00023.

Helen Cowie "Sloth Bones and Anteater Tongues: Interpreting American Nature in the Hispanic World (1750-1808)." WP#0903

Sarah Crabtree.  "Lamb-Like Warriors: A Nation of God and the Quakers’ Church Militant."

Matthew Crawford"European Science as 'Vain Science': The Contentious Culture of Knowledge Production in the Spanish Atlantic circa 1779." WP#0904

Ryan Dominic Crewe.  "An Atlantic of New Christians: The Politics of Conversion in the Canaries, Granada, and Mexico, 1470-1540."

Christian Crouch. "Legitimate or Not? Contrasting Boundaries of Violence on the French Atlantic Frontier during Global War." WP#0803

Matthew Crow “'The Growth of Ages:' Records, Rhetoric, and British Legal Memory in Colonial Virginia" WP#1005

Joseph Cullon“'Geometrically and Arithmetically Performed':  Rationalizing English Ship Design in the Era of Colonization." WP#0905

Christopher Curry.  "‘In whose possession they are now’: Black Loyalists and Their Quest for Freedom in the Bahamas" WP#1006

Gail D. Danvers, “‘We must of course perish for want of subsistence’: Iroquois Indians, Imperial Politics, and the Atlantic Economy.” WP#99006

Mariana L. R. Dantas, “Slave Manumission and Urban Development in Baltimore, Maryland, and Sabará, Minas Gerais, 1750-1810.” WP#02016

Stewart Davenport, “Luxury, Theology, Liberty: The Role of Religion in the 'Great Transition' Debate.” WP#01022

James David. "A Refugee’s Revolution: Lord Dunmore and the Floating Town, 1775-1776." WP#0804

Beatriz Dávilo, “Travels, Correspondence, and Newspapers in the Constitution of Transatlantic Political and Intellectual Networks: Rio de la Plata, 1810-1825.” WP#03015

Michiel de Jong, “The Role of the State in the Expansion of the Dutch Overseas Trade Networks, 1590-1630.” WP#99008

James D. Delbourgo, “Perkins's Tractors and Trans-Atlantic Scientific Culture at the End of the Eighteenth Century.” WP#00018.

Lina del Castillo"Geographies of Independence: Criollo Representations of Gran Colombia and their (Re)-presentations in a Changing Atlantic World, 1819-1830." WP#0906

Nicholas Dew, “Atlantic Triangulation: The French Scientific Expedition to Gorée and the Antilles, 1681-1683.” WP#00019.

Helen Dewar"Litigating Empire: The Role of French Courts in Establishing Colonial Sovereignties" WP#1007

Elsa Dias, “America and Portugal: In Search of a Luso-American Political Tradition.” WP#00025.

Christa Dierksheide“'Capable of Improvement': Commerce, Christianity, and the Idea of an Independent Africa, 1740-1810."

Gabriel DiMeglio. "A Heavy Burden. The Plebeians of Buenos Aires and Permanent War During the Independence Period in the Southwest Atlantic, 1806-1828." WP#0805

Beatriz Helena Domingues, “Tradition and Modernity in Sixteenth- and Seventeenth-Century Iberia and the Iberian American Colonies.” WP#98029

Patricia Lopes Don, “Death of an Aztec: The Inquisition of the Native Leader Don Carlos of Texcoco in Early Mexico, 1539.” WP#04012

John Donoghue, “‘Hell Broke Loose’: Coleman Street Ward and the Atlantic World of Republicanism, 1626-1661.” WP#03002

Christopher L. Doyle, “‘Without a Single Recommendation’: Trans-Atlantic Gentility and Success in Revolutionary Virginia.” WP#02013

Alexander Dubé "Judging Colonial Scandals" WP#1008

Laurent Dubois, “Slave Emancipation and the Limits of Citizenship during the French Revolution.” WP#97032

Meaghan N. Duff, “Imbibing Information at the Carolina Coffee House: Emigration and the Dynamics of Promotion in a Proprietary Colony.” WP#96018

Marie Duggan-Julca, “The China Trade That Never Was: Lost Profit Opportunity for Spain, Loss of Freedom for California Indians.” WP#99010

Jordana Dym, “Citizen of Which Republic: Foreigners and the Construction of Citizenship in Central America, ca. 1808-1845.” WP#04CR011

Jordana Dym, “From Pueblos to Pueblo, Creating the National State: City, State, and Nation in Central America, 1810-1839.” WP#01003

Matthew Dziennik. "200 acres of free ground: The Highland Soldier in a Transatlantic Context, 1754-1783." WP#0806

Marcela Echeverri. "Popular Royalists, War, and Politics in Southwestern New Granada, 1808-1820." WP#0807

S. Max Edelson, “Mastering the Market: Planters and Commodity Marketing in Charlestown, South Carolina, 1735-1785.” WP#99019

Max Edling, “The Problem of American State Formation: Politics of Taxation and the Creation of the Federal Government.” WP#01013

Kate Carté Engel, “‘Commerce that the Lord could Sancify and Bless’: Moravian Participation in Transatlantic Trade, 1740-1760.” WP#03009

Victor Enthoven, “A Dutch Crossing: Migration between the Netherlands, Africa, and the Americas, 1600-1800.” WP#04CR003

Amanda Epperson, “‘If You Intend to Come’: Networks, the Migration Process, and Highland Emigration to the United States.” WP#03014

Stephen Feeley, “Roads Between: Shaping Tuscarora Identities and the Backcountry in the Eighteenth Century.” WP#04CR005

Roquinaldo Ferreira, “Deconstructing African Narrative: Enslavement, Resistance, Community, and Displacement in Angola.” WP#04CR021

Georg Fertig, “Household Formation and Economic Autarky in the Early Modern Atlantic World: Transatlantic Migration as a Test Case for the European Marriage Pattern.” WP#96008

Martha Few, “Illness Accusations and the Cultural Politics of Power in Colonial Santiago de Guatemala, 1650-1720.” WP#98010

Jonathan Beecher Field"Suffering and Subscribing: Configurations of Authorship in the Quaker Atlantic."

Marcelo Figueroa.  "Natural History, Collecting Practices and Colonial Power: the Malaspina Expediction in the River Plate (1789)." WP#0907

Andrew B. Fisher, “Primordial Identities Imagined and Contested: Peasant Communities and Memory in the Eighteenth-Century Hot Country of Guerrero, Mexico.” WP#04007

Caitlin Fitz. "Newspaper Diplomacy in an Age of Revolution: South American Rebels and Royalists in the United States, 1816-1824." WP#0808

Patrick Fitzgerald, “A Sentence to Sail: The Transportation of Irish Convicts and Vagrants to Colonial America in the Eighteenth Century.” WP#96022

Andrew Fitzmaurice, “The Civic Solution to the Crisis of English Colonisation, 1609-1625.” WP#97004

David M. Fitzsimons, “Citizen Paine: National and International Identity in the Atlantic World, circa 1800.” WP#03001

Martin V. Fleming, “Franciscan Missionary Theater in Sixteenth-Century New Spain: Conquering Expectations and the Syncretic Reality.” WP#98012

Matthew J. Flynn. "The Thin Line: George Washington and Napoleon Bonaparte. Napoleonic Warfare in the Atlantic World." WP#0809

Albane Forestier"The Practice of Civil Law in the British Caribbean at the End of the Eighteenth Century" #WP1009

Aaron S. Fogleman, “The Transformation of Immigration into the United States during the Era of the American Revolution.” WP#96002

Maximilian C. Forte, “Writing the Caribs Out: The Construction and Demystification of the ‘Deserted Island’ Thesis for Trinidad.” WP#04016

Jeffrey A. Fortin, “‘The Most uncontrolled Freedom’: The Haitian Revolution, Jamaican Maroons, and the French Connection.” WP#04CR022

Cécile Fromont. "Capuchin Missionary Methods and the Shaping of Christianity in Early Modern Kongo."

Thomas Fröschl, “American Empire—British Empire—Roman Empire: The Meaning of Empire in Late 18th-Century Political Discourse in the Atlantic World.” WP#97018

Gunlög Fur, “Women's Authority and the Anomalies of Vision in Delaware Experiences of Colonial Encounters.” WP#98008

François Furstenberg, “Francophone Philadelphia and Political Networks in the Early American Republic, c. 1790s.” WP#04CR007

Júnia Ferreira Furtado, “Mirror of the World: Libertines, Heretics, and Rebels in Baroque Minas Gerais: The Minas Gerais Rebellion (1789) and the Naturalist José Vieira Couto.” WP#01002

Ignacio Gallup-Diaz, “Re-Learning the Lessons of ‘First Contact’: Englishmen and Scots in Darien, 1698-99.” WP#97025

Alison Games, “‘Gallants, to Bohemia’ and Maids for Virginia: The London Port Register of 1635.” WP#96009

David T. Garrett, “The Loyalist Inca and Túpac Amaru: Ethnicity, Class, and Allegience in Bourbon Cusco.” WP#02003

Margarita Gascón, “Frontier Societies: A View from the Southern Frontier of the Indies.” WP#02004

Margarita Gascón"Nature and Empire: The Struggle for South America during the Seventeenth Century."

Sharilyn Geistfeld, “Plotting Females from Paris to Salvador: Women's Agency and Struggles for Equality in the 1796 ‘Conspiracy of Equals’ in Paris and in the 1798 ‘Tailors' Conspiracy’ in Salvador, Brazil.” WP#03016

Malick Ghachem, “‘Between France and the Antilles’: The Commercial Assimilation of the American Revolution in Saint-Domingue, 1784-1785.” WP#99026

Malick Ghachem, “The Coming of the Haitian Revolution, 1789-1791.” WP#01005

Claire Gherini"Rationalizing Disease: James Kilpatrick’s Atlantic Struggles with Localism and Custom in the Early Years of Smallpox Inoculation." WP#0908

Heidi Giusto"Regulating Slavery: Custom and Statutory Law in South Carolina, 1670-1748" WP#1010

Natasha Glaisyer, “London's Royal Exchange, 1660-1750: The Trading World in Miniature.” WP#99004

Travis Glasson, “Masters and Pastors: The SPG and the Conversion of African-Americans in the Eighteenth-Century British Atlantic.” WP#03019

Marion Godfroy"The Kourou Expedition of 1763, or the Ultimate Struggle of the Monarchy for a French America."

William Goldman "The Limit of Empire: Spain and the Founding of Jamestown, 1604-1618."

Rhonda M. Gonzales, “Emergent Communities and Collective Identities: African and Indigenous Resistance in Colonial Mexico.” WP#04CR019

Eliga Gould, “The End of Greater Britain? Britain and the Federal Implications of the War of American Independence.” WP#97019

Timothy P. Grady"Anglo-Spanish Rivalries and the Effects of La Florida on the Exploration and Settlement of Virginia and Carolina."

Melissa Grafe “'An Almost Infallible Remedy': Seneka Snakeroot, Medical Practice, and the Circulation of Knowledge in the Atlantic World." WP#0909

Regina Grafe, “American Trade and the Cantabrian Economy.” WP#99022

Patrick Griffin, “‘The Very Scum of Mankind’: Context, Meaning, and the Creation of Scotch-Irish Ethnicity in Pennsylvania, 1717-1741.” WP#98027

Keila Grinberg, “Freedom Suits: Manumission and Civil Law in Brazil and in the United States.” WP#00032.

Michael J. Guasco, “The Idea of Slavery in the Anglo-Atlantic World before 1619.” WP#00028.

Evan Haefeli, “Of Manitous and Men: First Contact in North America.” WP#98004

Nancy L. Hagedorn, “‘A great deal depends upon the Interpreters’: Anglo-Iroquois Relations and Imperial Diplomacy in the Colonial Northeast, 1664-1774.” WP#97023

Sheryllynne Haggerty, “Absent Kings in Jamaica? Business Networks and Family Ties--The View from Eighteenth-Century Jamaica.” WP#03005

Sheryllynne Haggerty, “The Structure of the Philadelphia Trading Community on the Transition from Colony to State.” WP#02025

Matthew Rainbow Hale, “The American Reign of Terror: French Revolutionary Warfare and the Shaping of American Nationality, 1798-1801.” WP# 01009

Andrew Hamilton, “Atlantic Cosmopolitanism and Nationalism: Anglo-American Theories of Trade and Empire in the 1780s.” WP#99027

Douglas J. Hamilton, “Patterns of Scottish Political Patronage in the British West Indies, c. 1763-c. 1800.” WP#97015

Marsha L. Hamilton, “Scottish Communities in New England and the North Atlantic World in the Seventeenth Century.” WP#02011

Rachel Hammersley, “French Revolutionary Republican Tradition.” WP#01001

Mark Hanna. "Upon Feign’d Trials:” Pirates Before the Bar in Newport, Rhode Island and Charles Town, South Carolina 1680-1700." WP#0810

Emma Hart, “‘The Public Works are every where carrying on with Spirit’: Charleston and the Emergence of a British Atlantic Civic Ideal, 1730-1790.” WP#03004

April Lee Hatfield, “Mariners, Merchants, and Colonists in Seventeenth-Century English America.” WP#99013

Claire Healy, “‘English faces at the Port’: Atlantic Networks in Buenos Aires, 1776-1825.” WP#04CR008

Scott N. Hendrix. "Upright Men who Entered for Steady Advancement: The Centrality of Military Honor and Reputation for Mid-Eighteenth-Century British Army Officers." WP#0811

Monica Henry, “The American Public Debate on Recognition of the Spanish-American Republics, 1810-1822.” WP# 01011

Katherine Hermes, “Governing the Northeast: Algonquian, English and French Jurisdiction, 1575-1775.” WP#97021

Katherine Hermes, “How Moses Crossed the Atlantic: John Weemes and Philo-Semitism in Colonial New England.” WP#00004.

Leonardo Hernández, “The Periphery of the Periphery: Pre-Atlantic and Atlantic History as Seen from Southeastern Mesoamerica.” WP#04009

Dan Hicks, “Atlantic Matters: Mobility, Interaction, and ‘Material History’ in the Seventeenth-Century Caribbean.” WP#04CR010

Christopher Hodson, “Conversations with Power: The Acadians' Atlantic, 1755-1785.” WP#03018

Renzo Honores.  "Colonial Legal Polyphony: Caciques and the Construction of Legal Arguments in the Andes, 1550-1640" WP#1011

Magnus Huber, “Afro-European Linguistic Encounters on the Lower Guinea Coast: The English Trading Posts on the Gold Coast and New World Creole Englishes.” WP#98002

Christine Hucho, “Pious, Submissive, but Literate: The Schwenkfelder Women of Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania.” WP#96024

Daniel Hulsebosch, “Periphery to Center: The Imperial Agents and the Constitution in Eighteenth-Century New York.” WP#97008

Stephen Hum, “‘Birds Die for Food’: Money and the Mentalities of Exchange among the Iroquois and the English in the Mid-Eighteenth Century.” WP#98019

Nadine Hunt. "Privateers and Merchants: Legitimizing the Caribbean Trade of Jamaica During the Seven Years’ War." WP#0812

Brooke Hunter, “‘The Whole System Hangs like a Cobweb’: The Grain Trade in the Era of Revolution.” WP#99018

Folasade Ifamose, “The Indigenous Aristocracy, the Atlantic Trade, and the Gunpowder Economy.” WP#99017

Sarah Irving"America, Christian Charity and the Origins of Modern Science." WP#0910

Michael J. Jarvis, “The Politics of Smuggling: Bermuda's ‘Clandestine Trade’ with the Dutch West Indies, 1684-1783.” WP#97012

Evelyn Powell Jennings, “‘In the Eye of the Storm’: The Spanish Colonial State and African Enslavement in Havana, 1763-1825.” WP#01015

Ryan Kashanipour"A Medicinal Mélange: The Circulation of Medical Knowledge in Colonial Yucatán." WP#0911

Heidi Keller-Lapp"Maritime Habits: Ursu-line Atlantic Voyages to the New World, 1639-1727."

Neil Kennedy, “‘By wrangling and jangling a country prospers’: The Failure of Bermuda's Claims to the Turks Islands, c. 1678-1804.” WP#97013

Daniel Kilbride, “From Provincial to National Identity: American Leisure Travelers in Europe, circa 1700-1820.” WP#02002

Ulrike Kirchberger, “Henry Melchior Mühlenberg and the Making of German Protestantism in Eighteenth-Century Pennsylvania.” WP#00015.

Eric Klingelhofer, “Settlement Types in the First Century of English Colonization.” WP#96027

Willem Klooster, “Moving to ‘the finest, healthiest and most fertile land of this world’: Dutch Migration to New Netherland, 1624-1664.” WP#96007

Sarah Knott, “The Circulation and Americanization of Sensibility: Scotland to Philadelphia.” WP#00013.

Christian Koot, “In Pursuit of Profit: Persistent Dutch Influence on the Inter-Imperial Trade of New York and the Lesser Antilles, 1621-1689.” WP#03012

Josef Köstlbauer"Lawless and Precarious Spaces: The Struggle to Control Imperial Borderlands."

Michael A. LaCombe"Commensality and Contest in the English Atlantic World: Meals and the Struggle for Authority, 1570-1650."

Marixa Lasso, “A Republican Myth of Racial Harmony: Gran Colombia, 1810-1831.” WP#01010

Jean-Pierre Le Glaunec, “Slave Migrations, Diasporic Identities, and the Problem of Slave Control in Early American Louisiana.” WP#04CR015

Kittiya Lee, “Among the Vulgar, the Erudite, and the Sacred: The Oral Life of Colonial Amazonia.” WP#04018

Jeffers Lennox"An Empire on Paper: The Founding of Halifax and Conceptions of Imperial Space, 1744-1755."

Mark Lentz.  "The Fuero de los Indios: Castilian Legal Traditions in an American Context" WP#1012

Philip Levy, “Rattlesnakes and the Competition between Indian and European Fellow Travelers.” WP#04005

Elizabeth Lewis Pardoe, “Poor Children and Enlightened Citizens: Lutheran Education in America, 1748-1800.” WP#98028

Justin Liles. "Thomas Sumter’s Law: Race and Slavery in the Carolina Backcountry During the Era of the American Revolution." WP#0813

Vera Lind, “Crossing the Atlantic Twice: Black Africans and Americans in Late Eighteenth-Century Germany—Encounters of Color, Race, Identity, and the Exotic.” WP#98034

Susan Lindsey Lively, “Reacclimating to the Colonies: American Travelers Abroad and Their Experiences Returning to the Colonies, 1740-1776.” WP#98030

Thomas J. Little, “Mobility, Migration, and the Development of Evangelical Protestantism in the Eighteenth-Century Southern Anglophone World.” WP#96005

Timothy J. Lockley, “Competing Forms of Labour: The Reaction of White Working People to the Introduction of Slave Labour into Georgia, 1733-1775.” WP#96015

Carla Lois"From Mare Tenebrorum to Atlantic Ocean: Creating the Modern Atlantic World Through Cartographical Writing (1470-1800)." WP#0912

C. Thomas Long. “The British Royal Navy’s Green Water Revolution: Too Big, Too Late.” WP#0814

Adrian Lopez- Denis"Communities of Immunity in the Iberian Atlantic World." WP#0913

Joseph S. Lucas, “Scottish Conjectural History, Indian Affairs, and Missionary Theory in the Early-Nineteenth-Century United States.” WP#00014.

Barbara MacAllan, “Idealism and Compromise—‘the beginninge of the world’: The Plantation of Hampton, 1639-1644.” WP#96028

Dennis J. Maika, “Leadership in Manhattan's Merchant Community: Office-Holding Patterns and the Persistence of a Merchant Elite.” WP#02021

Elizabeth Mancke, “Colonial Corporations and the Emergence of the British Imperial State.” WP#97006

Bertie Mandelblatt"‘On the Excellence of the Vegetable Diet’: Scurvy, Antoine Poissonnier-Desperrières’s New Naval Diet and French Colonial Science in the Atlantic World." WP#0914

Daniel R. Mandell, “Indians in Eighteenth-Century Anglo-America: Indigenous Peoples and Racial Proletariat.” WP#04002

Paul Mapp, “The Role of the Unexplored Regions of North America in European Diplomacy, 1699-1763.” WP#97026

Ignacio Martínez "From Madrid to Rome: The Dismantling of Colonial Ecclesiastical Jurisdictions in the Río de la Plata and Alternatives for Their Reconstruction, 1810-1825."

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