Hill Lab @JohnsHopkins


Postdocs: We are always looking for talented postdoctoral fellows with strong mathematical backgrounds and experience modeling biological systems to join our team. Interested candidates should send an email describing their interest in our research and relevant experience, and include a CV and link to a Google Scholar profile.

Graduate students: If you are current graduate student (masters or PhD) in any program at JHU looking to do a rotation or research project, feel free to get in touch! Propsective graduate students should apply to the most relevant program at JHU. We are affiliated with Biomedical Engineering, Applied Mathematics & Statistics, and Infectious Disease Epidemiology, but can take students from any program (Engineering/Science/Medicine/Public Health).

Undergraduate students: Students in junior or senior year may be considered for summer research internships or long-term research for credit. Interested students should send a resume and unofficial transcript. At least one course covering mathematical modeling in biology is a prerequisite.

High school students: Due to the mathematical skills required for our work, we do not accept high school students in the lab.



Anjalika Nande
Graduate Student, Physics (Harvard)
Projects: HIV drug resistance, COVID-19, T-cell receptor repertoires


Andrei Gheorghe
Graduate Student, Physics (Harvard)
Projects: HIV latency and immunotherapy, inferring gene interaction networks


Anne Hebert
Graduate Student, Physics (Harvard)
Projects: Opioid epidemic


Thayer Anderson
Research Assistant, Johns Hopkins
Projects: Antibiotic resistance, vaccine trial design, COVID-19 household transmission


Alex Whatley
Graduate Student, EECS (Berkeley)
Applied Mathemtics, Harvard College '19
Projects: T-cell receptor binding prediction


Juan Carlos Fernandez Del Castillo
Research Assistant
Applied Mathematics, Harvard College '20
Projects: HIV rebound predictors



Ski Krieger
Postdoctoral Fellow
Current: Researcher, Wyss Institute for Biologically Inspired Engineering
Projects: antibiotic resistance, HIV resistance, causal inference for dynamical systems


Katharine Best
Research Associate
Current: Associate Principal Scientist, Merck Exploratory Science Center
Projects: HIV rebound, antibody therapy, T-cell receptor binding prediction


Jeff Gerold
PhD Bioinformatics & Integrative Genomics, Harvard, '19
Current: Head of Data Science, Dyno Therapeutics
Projects: HIV immunotherapy, HIV latency


Morgan Craig
Postdoctoral Fellow
Current: Assistant Professor, Department of Mathematics, University of Montreal
Projects: HIV pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling


Katherine Cohen
Senior Thesis Student
Applied Mathematics, Harvard College '18
Current: Associate, Boston Consulting Group
Projects: HIV rebound modeling


Julia Neagu
PhD Physics, Harvard, '17
Current: Director of Analytics, Tamr Inc.
Projects: Viral drug resistance via synchronization


Chris Bruno
Research Assistant
Applied Mathematics, Harvard College '16
Current: Pharmacology Analyst, Emerald Lakes Safety
Projects: HIV pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling


Shirley Mo
Research Assistant, Senior Thesis Student
Applied Mathematics, Harvard College '16
Current: Harvard Medical School Class of 2020
Projects: HIV pharmacokinetic/pharmacodynamic modeling


Lily Hu
Research Assistant
Mathematics, Harvard College '16
Current: Graduate Student in Applied Mathematics, Harvard
Projects: HIV gene therapy modeling


Mark Freeman
Senior Thesis Student
Applied Mathematics, Harvard College '16
Current: Internal Medicine Resident, University of Toronto
Projects: Viral drug resistance via synchronization


Ellen Rice
Senior Thesis Student
Mathematics, Harvard College '12
Current: Surgery Resident, Mayo Clinic
Project: HIV latency


Siliciano Lab, Johns Hopkins Medicine
Daniel Rosenbloom, Merck Research Laboratories
Melanie Prague, University of Bordeaux Biostatistics
Feng Fu, Dartmouth Mathematics
Tim Henrich, UCSF Medicine
James Whitney, Harvard Center for Virology & Vaccine Research
Dan Barouch, Harvard Center for Virology & Vaccine Research
Kenneth Kaye, Harvard Virology
Gio Traverso, MIT
Mike Levy, University of Pennsylvania