A Handbook of Pali Literature

by Oskar von Hinüber

Indian Philology and South Asian Studies (IPSAS), vol. 2, ed. by A.Wezler and M. Witzel,

Berlin/New York (W. de Gruyter), [July] 1996 pp. xiii + 257 --- ISBN 311 014992 3

  • A concise discussion in 450 short sections of the various texts of the Tipitaka and of the other texts in Pali language. (Excluded are, according to an older plan of a Handbook of Theravada Literature that did not materialize: Law, Medicine and Philology).

    Each text is briefly introduced, its structure and history of composition discussed, commentaries, editions and translations listed, and, where possible at present, the relative age of the texts has been indicated. The most important secondary literature is given and discussed as well.

    Besides the canonical texts and ancillary literature, a considerable part of the book deals with the traditional commentaries, subcommentaries and handbooks (p.100-176). Pali literature from S. E. Asia, letters and inscriptions are treated as well. A detailed bibliography is appended (p. 208-228).