Newsletter of the Association for the Study of Language In Prehistory

Issue 25 · Summer 1995

Another Severe Attack on Ruhlen

Some linguists criticized me last year for being too harsh in some of my comments on linguists. I said I was sorry. But now, good colleagues one and all can read something very very harsh from the other side. Even Lyle Campbell and Ives Goddard are pussycats compared to some of the critics of Greenberg, and more recently Ruhlen.

Get a copy of Anthony Grant's review of Merritt Ruhlen's On the Origin of Languages: Studies in Linguistic Taxonomy, 1994 which appears in Anthropological Linguistics 37, number 1, 1995,93-96. After reading that piece of academic Schadenfreude, no one will ever again accuse me or Lyle Campbell of being harsh. By the way, that journal (AL) seems to have joined Language and IJAL in being totally biased. Like the three famous monkeys: see no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil -- where the Amerind theory is evil incarnate, in the body of Joe Greenberg. Heavens!

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