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Literature and Research Surveys and Summaries

Fleming, Harold
Views on the Stanford Conference [Workshop on Linguistic Change and Reconstruction Methodology, July 28-August 1, 1987, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Linguistic Society of American 1987 Summer Institute], Issue 4 (November 1987), 24.

Another "Too Ancient" Site from South America, Issue 4 (November 1987), 25.

Guessing Game [Root Dating], Issue 4 (November 1987), 28-30.

Members Comments [Brief summaries of news from Mark Kaiser, Claude Boisson, Vjaclav Blazek, Vitaliz Shevoroshkin, Eugene Helimsky, Mary Ritchie Key, and Language Origins Society], Issue 4 (November 1987), 37-38.

Good News and Tidbits [Brief Summaries of developments in several fields and works by Karen Ebert, Rebecca Cann, Douglas Wallace, Christy Turner, David Anthony, Sidney Lamb, Alexander Militariev, J. Adovasio, R. Carlisle, Ruth Gruhn, Ephraim Isaac, and others], Issue 5 (March 1988), 1-7.

Computer-Related News and Comments, Issue 6 (January 1989), 14-16.

Plus [Brief Summaries of Research and Field Reports of Paul Friedrich, Luca Cavalli-Sforza, Edwin Pulleyblank, Tony Traill, and Scott DeLancey], Issue 6 (January 1989), 31-35.

Editorial: On Methods of Reconstruction, May 1989 Issue, 1-11.

Debating the Issues [among Americanists about the Greenberg hypothesis],, May 1989 Issue, 32- 33.

Archaeology and the Americas: MacNeish Strikes Again, Issue 12 (December 1990), 1.

Observations on the Comments on Kaiser's and Bomhard's Nostratic, Issue 12 (December 1990), 2-4.

Reconstruction and Classification: Differences Decrease, Issue 12 (December 1990), 5-6.

Dene-Caucasic, Nostratic and Eurasiatic or Vasco-Dene? Issue 12 (December 1990), 6-12.

Omotica, Afrasiana and More: Ethiopia as the Ever-Flowing Vase, Issue 12 (December 1990), 22-30.

An Editorial in Three Parts [on ASLIP and Mother Tongue], Issue 12 (December 1990), 17-21.

La Luta Continua: The News [about books or articles by Sydney Lamb, E. Douglas Mitchell, C. Milvin Aikens, W. R. Powers, Merritt Ruhlen, Demitri Shimkin, A. P. Derevyanko, Peter Hook, Aleksandr Militariev, Larissa Babrova, Terence Kaufman, Sarah Grey Thomason, Derek Bickerton, Richard Hayward, Allan Taylor, Paul Hopper], Issue 12 (December 1990), 13-16.

mtDNA and the Americas: Focus on Douglas Wallace, Issue 13 (April 1991), 1-6.

Genetic Evidence on Human Origins: Verne Schumaker et al. Point to Africa, Issue 13 (April 1991), 6-11.

Archaeology, Indo-European Homelands: David Anthony, Poor Farmers, and Horses, Issue 13 (April 1991), 11-14.

On Deaf Children and Bird Songs: Are Gestures and Songs Innate Too? Issue 13 (April 1991), 14-16.

A Great & Friendly Debate: Act 1: Blazek and Bengston on Basque, Issue 13 (April 1991), 17-18.

Editorial [on global etymologies, dating, and journals], Issue 13 (April 1991), 54-56.

Good Sources on Na-Dene by Pinnow, Issue 13 (April 1991), 52-53.

La Luta Continua: The News [about Khamnigan Mongol, Etruscan, Ross taxonomy, "Eve," M. Lionel Bender, Franz Rottland, J. P. Mallory, James Egan, Ekkehard Wolff, Linda Arvanites, Tilahun Gamta, Harry Stroomer, Gene Gragg, Mary Ritchie Key, Alexandra Yu Aihenvald, Joseph Greenberg, Allan Bomhard], Issue 13 (April 1991), 28-34.

Letters [Shevoroshkin on Bomhard's review of Typology, with reply by Bomhard; brief summaries of letters from Peter Unseth, Wilfried Lehmann, Ruth Bradley Holmes, Carleton Hodge, W. Wilfried Schuhmacher, Paul Benedict, Josephine Silvestro, Patrick Bennett, Karl H. Menges, John Rittershofer, Anna Belova, Roger Wescott], Issue 13 (April 1991), 34-39; 41-45..

Four Recent Books (Paul Mellars, ed., The Emergence of Modern Humans: An Archaeological Perspective, Edinburgh University Press, 1990; Eric Trinkaus, ed., The Emergence of Modern Humans: Biolcultural Adaptations in the Later Pleistocene, Cambridge University Press, 1989; J. P. Mallory, In Search of the Indo-Europeans: Language, Archaeology, and Myth, Thames and Hudson, 1989; Michael H. Brown, The Search for Eve, Harper and Row, 1990), Issue 14 (August 1991), 16-19.

La Lucha Continua: The News [books and articles by Paul Mellars, Eric Trinkaus, J. P. Mallory, Michael H. Brown, Walter A. Koch, Gyula Decsy, Wilfried Schuhmacher, Igor Diakonoff, Kamil V. Zvelebil] , Issue 14 (August 1991).

Editorial: Thoughts on a Few Topics [Eric de Grolier's views and cultural conceptualizations of language], Issue 14 (August 1991).

Letters [brief summaries of letters from Karl Menges, Victor Shnirelman, Vladimir Orel, Anbessa Teferra, Yuri Tambovtsev, Sergei Nikolaev, Giorgia Banti, Sheila Embleton, Patrick Ryan, Alvah Hicks], Issue 15 (December 1991).

Mitochondrial DNA--Still in the News, Issue 15 (December 1991).

Paul Benedict's Views, Issue 15 (December 1991).

Paul Newman Interviews Joseph Harold Greenberg, Issue 15 (December 1991).

La Luta Continua: The News [about H-J. Pinnow, Allan Bomhard, Norbert Cyffer, John Hutchison, Hermann Jungraithmayr, the Academy of Sciences of the USSR, Claude Boisson, the media], Issue 15 (December 1991).

Announcing Two Important Books on Protolinguistics [Gyula Decsy, The Uralic Protolanguage: A Comprehensive Reconstruction (Eurolingua, 1990) and Gyula Decsy, The Indo-European Protolanguage: A Computational Reconstruction (Eurolingua, 1991)], Issue16 (April 1992).

Editor's analysis of battles over African origin for H. sapiens, between biogeneticists and fossil hunters, Greenberg's Amerind hypothesis, IE, Amerind dating, occupation of Japan, Neanderthal capacity for speech, Issue 17 (August 1992), 3-6.

Has the African 'Garden of Eden' Been Totally Discredited? Issue 17 (August 1992), 17-22.

'Rising Tide' Volley Repelled: New Dates for mtDNA Lucky Woman, Issue 17 (August 1992), 23- 24.

Biogenetics and Dental Genetics in the Pacific: An Interface, Issue 17 (August 1992), 25-38.

Observations on MacNeish's Pendejo Cave, Issue 17 (August 1992), 39-43.

La Lucha Continua [BBC, Seto data on Northeast Caucasic and Yeniseian, a new Nihali/Nahali source, IE homeland and gene study, new fossils found in Ethiopia, new Handbook of Amazonian Languages, Egyptian ruling class and race, Neanderthal, linguistic basis of left hemisphere specialization, anecdotal universals in historical linguistics, Baldi's book on the Stanford Conference of 1987, jaw bone in Georgia, lost ancestor found in museum, Greenberg attackers, diffusion of agricultural terms from Mesopotamia, Austro-Tai Studies Institute, standards for citation forms and etymologies, Shevoroshkin's Bochum book, Karl Petruso's dig, finds dating Pendejo Cave], Issue 17 (August 1992), 44-55.

Editorial [on emerging synthesis], Issue 17 (August 1992), 72-77.

La Lutte Rejeunee: The News [New Dictionary of Ulwa; Greenberg Retorts; Bender's Useful Work on Nilo-Saharan; The Iceman of the Alps; the Indo-European Homeland; New Fossils in Spain Shed Light on Neanderthals; the Archaeology of Language Families], Issue 19 (Spring 1993), 62-66.

Letters from Members [brief summaries of letters from Kay Williamson, Nikolas Palmaitis, Roger Wescott, Anna Belova, Wilfried Schuhmacher, Igor Diakonoff, Merritt Ruhlen, M. Lionel Bender, Ofer Bar-Yosef, Vaclav Blazek], Issue 19 (Spring 1993), 81-85.

Brief Editorials on methodology, Issue 19 (Spring 1993), 98-101.

A Geneticist Maps Ancient Migrations, Issue 20 (September 1993), 39-40.

More on Matters Involving Indo-European (IE) Archeology, Issue 21 (January 1994), 38-40.

A Linguistic Contribution from Southeast Asia, Issue 21 (January 1994), 40-41.

"Bolyu" or "Lai": A New Brand of Mon-Khmer, Found in China! Issue 21 (January 1994), 41-43.*

More from Biogenetics, Nature (17 November 1993) [with commentary by Hal Fleming], Issue 21 (January 1994), 43-48.

From the New World: Old Colorado Cave Women--and Man, Issue 21 (January 1994), 49-50.

After the Classic Mayan Collapse, One City Survived for a While, Issue 21 (January 1994), 50.

More on mtDNA of Amerinds and Siberians and Some Phyletic Dates, Issue 21 (January 1994), 51-55.

News from the "Hardware" Front, Issue 21 (January 1994), 55-58.

In the Public Media [Reprints of articles, with commentary : Mollusks, Not Mammoths and George Wisner on The Case for a Pacific Rim Migration, in Mammoth Trumpet, vol. 8, no. 4, pp 4-5 (1993).; Bronze Age Chariots Roll Back in Time, in Science News, vol. 144, p. 380 (4 December 1993); New Gene Study Enters Human Origins Debate [on Harpending's work], Science News, vol. 144, pp 196-197 (25 September 1993); Fossil Jaw Offers Clues to Human Ancestry, Science News, vol. 144, p. 277 (30 October 1993); Neandertal Tot Enters Human-Origins Debate, Science News, vol. 145, p. 5 (1 January 1994), Issue 21 (January 1994), 58=94..

Guest Editorial [on PIE, Colarusso's hypothesis, Nostraticists, and long range theory], Issue 21 (January 1994), 66-70.

Quick Notes and Hints of Things to Come [on ASLIP and Mother Tongue], Issue 22 (May 1994), 56-58.

All Method, No Content [response to William Poser's letter attacking Greenberg and Ruhlen], Issue 22 (May 1994), 60-63.

Editorial [guidelines for preparation of papers to be published in Mother Tongue], Issue 22 (May 1994), 65.

New Books [Merritt Ruhlen, The Origin of Language: Tracing the Evolution of the Mother Tongue, John Wiley & Sons, 1994; Allan R. Bomhard and John C. Kerns, The Nostratic Macrofamily: A Study in Distant Linguistic Relationship, Mouton de Gruyer, 1994, Issue 22 (May 1994), 65-66.

Founder Mitochondrial Haplotypes in Amerindian Populations (Summarized from American Journal of Human Genetics, 54 (1994), pp 27-33, Issue 23 (November 1994), 28-30.

New Hominoid Fossil Evidence from Vietnam, Issue 23 (November 1994), 35-37.

Missing Link Found in Ethiopia! Or? Issue 23 (November 1994), 38-40

Two Hypotheses Clash in the American Anthropologist, Issue 23 (November 1994), 41.

Quick Notes [on research and field data], Issue 23 (November 1994), 61-65.

A Few Delayed Final Remarks on Campbell's African Section, Issue 24 (March 1995), 56.

Quick Notes [on research reports], Issue 24 (March 1995), 79-85.

A Valediction of Sorts: Age Groups, Jingoists and Stuff, Issue 24 (March 1995), 86-89.

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