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Articles and Reports

Benedict, Paul
Response to Symposium on the Pacific Rim, West, Issue 19 (Spring 1993), 5-8.

Bengtson, John D.
Some Questions and Theses for the American Indian Language Classification Debate (ad Campbell, 1994), Issue 24 (March 1995), 57-59.

Macro-Australic, Issue 23 (November 1994), 73-75.*

Comment on Colarusso 1994, Issue 22 (May 1994), 13-15.*

On the Genetic Classification of Basque, Issue 22 (May 1994), 31-35.*

Language Rejects "Global Etymologies," Issue 16 (April 1992), 2-7.*

Macro-Caucasian Again, Issue 16 (April 1991), 19-27.*

An End to Splendid Isolation: The Macro-Caucasian Phylum, Issue 10 (April 1990).*

Blazec, Vaclav
Brief Communication: Seeking the Traces of the Indo-European Homeland, Issue 20 (September 1993), 40-41.

Basque and North Caucasian or Afroasiatic? with Comments by H. Fleming, Issue 14 (August 1991), 1-10.*

Blench, Roger
Summary of Major Theme 3: Language, Anthropology, and Archaeology at the World Archaeological Congress 3, New Delhi, India, 4-11 December 1994, with Comment by Hal Fleming, Issue 24 (March 1995), 73-76.

Is Kordofanian the Omotic of Niger-Congo? Issue 19 (Sprint 1993), 33-36.

Blust, Robert A.
Response to Symposium on the Pacific Rim, West, Issue 19 (Sprint 1993), 9-11.

Bomhard, Allan R.
Comments on Colarusso's Paper "Phyletic Links between Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Northwest Caucasian," Issue 22 (May 1994), 1-10.*

Linguistic Methodology and Distant Linguistic Comparison, Issue 20 (September 1993), 1-4.

Reply to Shevoroshkin's Comments on the "Addendum" to Bomhard's Review of Typology, Relationship, and Time, Issue 13 (April 1991), 37-39.

Some Nostratic Etymologies, Issue 11 (September 1990), 15 pp*

Review of Vitalij V. Shevoroshkin and Thomas L. Markey, eds., Typology,Relationship, and Time, Issue 10, April 1990.

Lexical Parallels between Proto-Indo-european and Other Languages, Supplement to Mother Tongue (November/December, 1989), 84 pp.

Views on the Stanford Conference [Workshop on Linguistic Change and Reconstruction Methodology, July 28-August 1, 1987, Stanford University, Stanford, CA, Linguistic Society of American 1987 Summer Institute], Issue 4 (November 1987), 21-23.

Campbell, Lyle
Inside the American Indian Language Classification Debate, Issue 23 (November 1994), 41-54.

Indo-European and Uralic Tree names, Issue 22 (May 1994), 16-30.*

Cann, Rebecca L.
mtDNA and Native Americans: A Southern Perspective, Issue 23 (November 1994), 31-34.

Colarusso, John
Phyletic Links between Proto-Indo-European and Proto-Northwest Caucasian, Issue 21 (January 1994), 8-22.*

de Grolier, Eric
"Nostratic" and Other Language "Families" (or "Macrofamilies"), Issue 14 (August 1991), 11-19.

Diakanoff, Igor M.
Long-Range Linguistic Relations: Cultural Transmission of Consanguinity? Issue 24 (March 1995), 34-40.

Embleton, Sheila
Statistics and Historical Linguistics: Some Comments, Issue 24 (March 1995), 41-45 (with commentary by H. Fleming, 46-49).

Faber, Alice
Comments on Murtonen's Comments on Kaiser's Translation of Illic-Svityc's Nostratic Etymologies, Issue 2 (August 1989), 19-21.

Fitzgerald, Susan, and Geoff O'Grady
Six Greater Australian Modified Swadesh Lists, Issue 21 (January 1994), 30-37.*

Fleming, Harold
The "Sogenannten" Ethiopian Pygmoids, Issue 24 (March 1995), 30-33.*

Two Aspects of Massive Comparisons, Issue 24 (March 1995), 65-68.

On the Frontiers of the Emerging Synthesis: A Talk with Ofer Bar-Yosef, Issue 23 (November 1994), 1-4.

Wonderful New Book for Prehistorians and Glossogeneticists, Issue 23 (November 1994), 5-8.

Toward a Definitive Classification of the World's Languages, Issue 20 (September 1993), 4-30.

A Taxonomic Hypothesis: Borean, Issue 14 (August 1991), 38-51.

Omotica, Afrasiana and More: Ethiopia as the Ever-Flowing Vase, Issue 10 (December 1990), 22-30.*

Gabor, Takacs
Nominal Lexical Categories in Egyptian, Issue 23 (November 1994), 62-64.*

Goddard, Ives
Regarding Native American Pronouns, Issue 24 (March 1995), 62-64.*

Greenberg, Joseph H.
Comments on Campbell and Fleming, Issue 24 (March 1995), 55.

Griffen, Toby D.
Altaic, Germano-European, and Nostratic: The Evidence of Phonetics and Phonological Systems, Issue 22 (May 1994), 38-49.*

Hegedus, Iren Gy.
Report on the 2nd Workshop on Comparative Linguistics: The Status of Nostratic: Evidence and Evaluation, Issue 21 (January 1994), 5-8.

Bibliographia Nostratica 1960-1990: A List of Publications On, or Relevant for, Nostratic Studies, Issue 16 (April 1992), 45pp.

Jones-Bley, Karl
Report from the Field: The Tocharians, Issue 22 (May 1994), 31.

Kaiser, Mark
Our Russian Colleagues [with reports from The New York Times and Victor Shnirelman and editor's notes], Issue 17 (August 1992), 1-2.

Kaufman, Stephen A.
Computer Program Information--Oriental Words: New Products for Processing and Crunching Them, Issue 10 (April 1990).

King, Jerry
A Note on Ofo skalo "Head" and A Note on Catawby Weyaline "Chief's Town," Issue 22 (May 1994), 36-36.*

Krippes, Karl
The Altaic Component of a Nostratic Dictionary, Issue 11 (September 1990), 6 pp*

Problems Concerning the Comparison of Korean with other Languages, Issue 10 (April 1990).

Levin, Saul
Let the Taxons (or Taxa?) Fall Where They May: The Validity of Correspondences between Indo-European and Semitic, Issue 19 (Spring 1993), 44-48.

Remarks on the Recent Circulars from Mark Kaiser and A. Murtonen, Issue 2 (August 1989), 22-24.*

Loos, Eugene
Character Translation: Import and Export Issues for Long Rangers: An Experience Using the Hercules Graphics Card Plus, Issue 7 (May 1989), 27-31.

Mair, Victor H.
Progress Report for Project Entitled "A Study of the Genetic Composition of Ancient Desiccated Corpses for Xinjiang (Sinkiang), China," Issue 21 (January 1994), 1-5.

McCall, Dan, and Hal Fleming
The Pre-Classical Circum-Mediterranean World: Who Spoke Which Languages? Issue 21 (January 1994), 22-29.*

Merriwether, D. Andrew
mtDNA and the Peopling of the World, with introduction by H. Fleming: Re- Thinking Native American Phylogeny: Genes vs. Languages, Issue 23 (November 1994), 21-28.*

Murtonen, A.
Comments on Bomhard's "Lexical Parallels between Proto-Indo-European and Other Languages" (Supplement to Mother Tongue 9), Issue 11 (September 1990), 10 pp*

Comments on the Nostratic reconstructions of Illic-Svityc (revised edition), Issue 1 (November/December 1989).

Comments on the Nostratic Reconstructions of Illic-Svityc (as translated by Mark Kaiser), Issue 2 (August 1989), 7-13.*

O'Grady, Geoff
Pama-Nyungan: An Entirely Viable Family-Level Construct with the Australian Phylum, Issue 19 (Spring 1993, 13-27.*

O'Grady, Geoff and Susan Fitzgerald
Pama-Nyungan II and Tasmanian, Issue 20 (September 1993), 30-36.*

Pia, J. Joseph
Phonological Samenesses and Differences, Their Role in Comparison: An Embryo Paper, Issue 7 (May 1989), 17-25.

Computers and Diachronic Linguistics, Issue 6 (January 1989), 1-13.

Picard, Marc
On the Nature of the Algonquian Evidence for Global Etymologies, Issue 24 (March 1995), 50-54.*

Arapaho, Blackfoot, and Basque: A "Snow" Job, Issue 24 (March 1995), 71-72.*

Ruhlen, Merritt
A Note on Amerind Pronouns, Issue 24 (March 1995), 60-61.

Proto-Amerind *qet ' 'left (hand)', Issue 24 (March 1995), 69-70.*

Plus ca change, plus c-est la meme chose, Issue 23 (November 1994), 72.

Is Proto-Indo-european Related to Proto-Northwest Caucasian? Issue 22 (May 1994), 11-12.

Ryan, Patrick C.
Pre-Nostratic "Pronouns": Early Noun Substitutions, Issue 11 (September 1990), 5 pp.

Schuhmacher, W. Wilfried
IE Laryngeals--Ever Listened to Them? Issue 22 (May 1994), 50.

Is Saamic kuovca 'bear' a Dene-Caucasian Loan Word? Issue 21 (January 1994), 37.

Maori kaipuke 'ship' and Eskimology, Issue 21 (January 1994), 37-38.

The Dene-Caucasian Reconstruction for 'moon', Issue 21 (January 1994), 38.

C. C. Uhlenbeck and Dene-Caucasian, Issue 20 (September 1993), 36-37.

Shevoroshkin, V.
Comments on Bomhard's Supplement to MT: "Lexical Parallels between Proto-Indo- European and Other Languages, Issue 10 (April 1990).

Comments to the Revised Version of Murtonen's Comments, Issue 10 (April 1990).

Remarks on A. Murtonen's Comments on Nostratic Reconstructions of Illic-Svytic (translated by Mark Kaiser), Issue 2 (August 1989), 15-18.*

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