INDIAN PHILOLOGY AND SOUTH ASIAN STUDIES =======================================


The German publisher W. de Gruyter (Berlin/New York) has released the first volumes of a new, greatly enlarged and much more comprehensive version of Georg Bühler's famous Grundriss published around the turn of the century ( Grundriss der Indo-Arischen Philologie und Alterthumskunde/ Encyclopedia of Indo-Aryan Research).

The new series, to be announced in more detail later on, is edited by Albrecht Wezler, (Hamburg University) and Michael Witzel (Harvard University).

The first volume is an update on the interface of archaeology, linguistics, philology and history of early South Asia (ed. G. Erdosy, Toronto conference of 1992):

  • IPSAS Vol.1
    The Indo-Aryans of Ancient South Asia. -
    Language, Material Culture and Ethnicity.
    George Erdosy,
    ed. (Febr. 1996)
  • IPSAS vol.2

    A Handbook of Pâli Literature
    by O. von Hinüber
    (July 1996)

    Other volumes in line include:
    Epic grammar by Th. Oberlies, and a Vedic handbook.