Thomas Oberlies
A Grammar of Epic Sanskrit

Berlin, New York : de Gruyter 2003
pp.LVI, 632

This massive book, dedicated to E.D. Kulkarni and N. Sen, deals with the typical  features that distinguish the Sanskrit of the Mahabharata and Ramayana from the classical Sanskrit (of Panini) and establish it as a distinct form of Sanskrit,  just like Buddhist Hybrid Sanskrit.

The work is based on the critical edition of both texts, as made available in electronic form by Muneo Tokunaga (Kyoto Univ.).

It deals with questions of Sandhi, declension (nouns, pronouns, numerals, ordinals), the verbal system, including the aberrant form of present classes, and with syntax.

There are additional sections on nominal composition, prepositions and postpositions, and a long section (pp. 383-550) on the roots and verb forms specific to Epic Sanskrit, which is a welcome addition to Whitney's "Roots" -- by now quite dated.

Th. Oberlies is Professor and Chair at Göttingen University: Seminar für Indologie und Buddhismuskunde der Universität,  Hainbundstrasse 21, 37085 Göttingen, Germany ; Tel. 0551-57068; Fax -48014