Publication in Refereed Academic Journals/Books

[1] Shihao Yang, Mauricio Santillana and Samuel Kou (2015). Accurate estimation of influenza epidemics using Google search data via ARGO. Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, 112, 14473-14478.

       R package for computation; package instruction.

       Media coverage:
           @ PNAS' News and Newsworthy column
           @ Harvard Gazette
           @ Ars Technica
           @ Forschung aktuell (the daily science magazine of Deutschlandfunk) (in German)
           @ SINC (in Spanish)
           @ Rue89 (in French)

[2] Shihao Yang, Samuel Kou, Fred Lu, John Brownstein, Nicholas Brooke and Mauricio Santillana (2017). Advances in using Internet searches to track dengue. PLOS Computational Biology, 13(7): e1005607.

       Media coverage:
           @ CNN
           @ Press release by PLOS at Science Daily, at Eurekalert!
           @ PLOS Research News
           @ Healio
           @ Deutsches Arzteblatt (the official journal of the German Medical Association and the National Association of Statutory Health Insurance Physicians) (in German)

[3] Shihao Yang, Mauricio Santillana, John Brownstein, Josh Gray, Stewart Richardson and Samuel Kou (2017). Using electronic health records and Internet search information for accurate influenza forecasting. BMC Infectious Diseases, 17:332.
       Supporting material: Model details.
       Animation showing the real-time estimation and forecast of our model.

[4] Samuel Kou, Sunney Xie and Jun Liu (2005). Bayesian analysis of single-molecule experimental data (with discussion). J. Roy. Statist. Soc., C, 54, 469-506.
      Download the experimental data sets:

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       The article is featured on the journal cover page.

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       The article is featured on the journal cover page.
       Read comments by N. Walter featuring the article.

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       Supplementary material: matrices used in the paper.

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       Supporting information.
       Code for Linux systems.

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       Supplementary material: proofs of theoretical results.

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       Supplementary material: proofs of theoretical results.
       R packages: For all platforms; Windows binaries.
       Matlab package: For all platforms.

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Publication in Refereed Conference Proceedings and Industrial Journals

[1] Samuel Kou, Sunney Xie and Jun Liu (2003). Markov chain Monte Carlo in the analysis of single-molecule experimental data. The Monte Carlo Method in the Physical Sciences, (edited by J. E. Gubernatis), 123-133, AIP Press, Melville, New York.

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