Other Sources of Information

  • Radio Prague's daily news in 5 languages
    A little English language site with listings for restaurants, cafes, clubs and bars, a bulletin board, public forum, reviews and other stuff.
  • The Encyclopedia of the Nations is a complete source for detailed information about one hundred ninety three countries in the world.
  • USENET newsgroup: soc.culture.czecho-slovak
    (naive and/or silly queries are usually passionately flamed or ridiculed)
  • Fodor's travel guides
    (traditional) Publisher: 201 E. 50th St. N.Y. 10022
  • Frommer's (middle of the road) and Baedeker's (good graphics, maps; more expensive book) travel guides.
    Publisher for both: Prentice Hall, 15 Columbus Circle, N.Y.10023
  • The Rough Guide by Rob Humphreys
    (good details on many sights) Publisher: Rough Guides, Ltd.,1 Mercer St. London, WC2H 9OJ
  • "Let's Go..." series
    (youth hostels & student accommodations) Publisher: 1 Story St., Cambridge, MA 02138
  • Czech & Slovak Republics Guide by Open Road Publishing
    "A simple but complete straight-ahead guide to both countries. Instead of glossy pictures you get opinions ('The Best Places' or 'How to Get Along') and instead of fancy fold-outs, you get valuable descriptions of hundreds of hotels and restaurants even outside of Prague."
    PRAGUE,first American ed. 1994,ISBN 1-56458-503-4, $22.95
    "Each area of the city is given its own section in the book and has a map of it's own. Every page has color photographs and there is a time line so one can tour each section of the city and follow the art, architecture and artifacts of every historical period. It also includes 4 premarked walking tours with all of the currently available information about shops and food along the way. If I could only have one of these books, this would be it."
    "William Harkins' MODERN CZECH GRAMMAR (Columbia University Press) used to be a very good textbook in the 50's. Although linguistically sound it is antiquated in many ways. Most universities now use Michael Heim's 'CONTEMPORARY CZECH,' Slavica Publishers, 1982."
    "Speak and Read Essential Czech" (5 cassettes) Pimsleur International (800) 222-5860
    "An excellent repeat-after-me program you can do while driving, jogging or exercising. It will provide you with the essential language survival skills before you go there. And the "natives" appreciate that. :-)"
    "I just wish Pimsleur offered the higher levels In Czech that it offers in some of its other languages; I'd buy them in a flash--they're great for in-car-stereo facilitated learning."

  • "These tapes were excellent! As someone who had had no exposure to any Slavic language, I was amazed at the level of fluency that I had gained in such a short time. I never felt self-conscious about approaching people during my trip to Prague and Slovakia and was extremely gratified to be able to meet and politely communicate with the people. Pimsleur is the way to go for me from now on. No more night classes."
  • This is an English/Czech and Czech/English Dictionary on the Web.
  • Czech-English, Czech-German, Czech-Russian, Czech-French, Czech-Italian and Czech-Spanish interactive dictionaries are distributed by:
    ESAPO, Udolni 25, 602 00 Brno, tel/fax: 05/4221-7667.

For genealogical research you can contact the not-for-profit, all volunteer CzechoSlovak Genealogical Society International.

You can visit the Divadlo SEMAFOR homepage here, but it's in Czech only.

A multimedia CD-ROM on Czechoslovakia's Velvet Revolution titled 'VOICES OF DISSENT' is available from 'MicroChronicle,' 34 Aleuian Rd. Ottawa, Canada, and a website on Prague Spring 1968 is here.

Read about impressions of an American (Philip Greenspun) in Prague

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