Getting Started

How to download, edit, and run the code

Getting an IDE

Clarity is written in C#, to get started with Clarity we recommend you first download an IDE to work with. Clarity’s code is organized into project files recognized by MonoDevelop and Visual Studio.

Although Clarity is Open Source and can run on any operating system, many instruments have interfaces or COM objects that are built specifically for the Windows environment. For this reason, it might be easier to use a Windows OS and use the Visual Studio IDE. A free version of Visual Studio is available here.

And students and academics can get a free version of the full version here (The full version is better as it makes it easier to debug multiple running threads, but the express version should work well to).

Those who want to remain completely open source can use Mono.

Regardless, please remember that Clarity is an open source project and so even if you understandably find that the most expedient solution to implementing an interface is to co-op closed source code, this is a situation we are trying to move away from with this project.

Downloading the Code

If you are using the visual studio IDE, the easiest way to get the code is to install the open source ankhsvn plugin.

Once installed, and initialized, you can then go to File>Subversion>Open From Subversion. Go to this URL:

and select the Clarity.sln solution, everything else should download.


before running clarity, you should change the settings in ConfigurationFile.xml so that it only loads the available instruments.