Configuration Files

How to change ConfigurationFile.xml for local variables. #labels Phase-Deploy

example, if we did not have an Incubator available, we would add this line inside the Instruments Node:

<code language="xml">
  <Incubator SkipLoad="False">

To learn more, read the comments for the example file given below.

<code language="xml">
<?xml version="1.0" encoding="utf-8"?>
  <!-- These are settings for the GUI interface, customize your GUI for local installations using this section
  The pattern in this file is that all XML nodes inside represent a field in the class that can be set.
    <WELL48_PLATE_PROTOCOL_ID Type="System.Int32">2000106</WELL48_PLATE_PROTOCOL_ID>
    <GBO_PLATE_PROTOCOL_ID Type="System.Int32">2000103</GBO_PLATE_PROTOCOL_ID>
    <NSFErrorEmails Type="System.String">;;</NSFErrorEmails>

  <!--These are local variables for the Back End Engine Settings-->
    <!--Should we try to load all instruments on different threads?  Loads faster but if they are dependent on each other
    might cause a crash, if so specify the load order using the nodes.-->
    <LoadInstrumentsInParallel Type="System.Boolean">True</LoadInstrumentsInParallel>
    <RequireProtocolValidation Type="System.Boolean">True</RequireProtocolValidation>
    <!-- This will be where we output a file with the current state, allows for recovery after the program reloads-->
    <AppDataDirectory Type="System.String">C:\Clarity\Clarity_Release_Version\ProtocolRecovery\\</AppDataDirectory>
    <!-- Use an alarm server?  Set this to false if not installed-->
    <UseAlarm Type="System.Boolean">False</UseAlarm>

  <!-- This node specifies local settings for each instrument
When an instrument is initialized, it is passed the XML node for that instrument.
      <OD600ProtocolID Type="System.Int32">2000103</OD600ProtocolID>
      <MinBetweenReads Type="System.Int32">50</MinBetweenReads>
      <VenusProtocolID Type="System.Int32">2000105</VenusProtocolID>
      <MedianODToStartMeasurement Type="System.Double">.2</MedianODToStartMeasurement>
    <Incubator SkipLoad="False">
      <STARTING_SPEED Type="System.Int32">650</STARTING_SPEED>
      <COM_PORT Type="System.String">COM3</COM_PORT>
      <InitCommands Type="System.String">
        WR DM21 400;pitch
    <!--The skipload attribute can either be used or the instrument can simply be deleted from the xml, either prevents loading-->
    <Sciclone SkipLoad="TRUE">
      <ConfigurationFile Type="System.String">C:\Program Files\Zymark\Instruments\Sciclone\ICP\Configurations\ScicloneALH3000_renmaed.txt</ConfigurationFile>
    <TransferStation SkipLoad="False" />
    <Twister SkipLoad="False">
      <IncubatorPositionsFile Type="System.String">C:\Clarity\TwistPos.nfd</IncubatorPositionsFile>
      <MinutesRequiredForVerticalMotorShutdown Type="System.Int32">1</MinutesRequiredForVerticalMotorShutdown>
    <PlateReader SkipLoad="False">
    <Macros />