Energetics, Development, and Ovarian Function in a Seasonal Environment
In collaboration with Prof. Andrew Prentice and Dr. Sophie Moore, London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine and MRC International Nutrition Group
Investigations into the endocrine mechanisms governing ovarian responsiveness to changes in energetics and metabolism among rural Gambian women. Longitudinal studies of trans-generational effects of nutritional supplementation during pregnancy and lactation. The role of insulin and adipokines in modulating ovarian function in response to changing energetic conditions.

Chaco Area Reproductive Ecology (CARE) Project

In collaboration with Prof. Claudia Valeggia, University of Pennsylvania

A comprehensive, longitudinal study of the reproductive ecology, development, behavior, and health of the indigenous peoples of the Chaco region of northern Argentina. Included in the project are investigations of child growth and health, adolescent maturation, reproductive function in mature men and women, determinants of the postpartum resumption of ovarian function in women, reproductive aging, demography, and change in reproductive physiology associated with changes in subsistence, lifestyle, and acculturation.

Energetics, Lifestyle, Reproductive Ecology, and Reproductive Health
In collaboration with Prof. Grazyna Jasienska, Jagiellonian University, Poland and Dr. Inger Thune, University of Tromsø and Ullevål Hospital, Norway
Comparative studies of the interaction of energetic factors with reproductive physiology in influencing ovarian function in adulthood and the risk of breast and other reproductive cancers.

Metabolism, Mood, and Reproduction

Studies of the interaction between metabolic and reproductive regulators and their relationship to mood and psychological factors.

Hormones and Social Relationships

Studies of the interaction between gonadal steroids and social relationships in men and women. These studies include mate seeking and bonding, parenting, social competition, and changes in the nature and intensity of social bonds.


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