Use Iris from Linux

Last updated November 3, 2011

Note: Please substitute the username "pdurbin" with your own Iris username.

IMAP and SMTP settings

Use "Sent Items" rather than "Sent" since it can't be changed in Outlook Web Access:

iPhone seems to be hard-coded to "Sent" unfortunately.

Checking your quota

You must use Internet Explorer to log into in order to check your quota from a web browser. (Internet Explorer provides you with the "Premium" rather than "Basic" version of "Outlook Web Access experience" as seen under Options -> About.) Hover your mouse over your name (the root of your folder tree) and a pop up should appear. As of October 2011 my quota is 2 GB.

Server-side rules/filtering

You must use Internet Explorer to log into in order to set up server-side rules from a web browser.

I'm not sure if it's possible to export your rules from Outlook Web Access, but this post describes how to do it from Outlook.

.forward from to

Except in the case of Iris accounts emailing each other, mail to @fas addresses is delivered to and then to your account with a .forward file. Some MX records:    10800   IN  MX  0    10800   IN  MX  300

Mac Address Book Exchange 2007 account

Log into as fas_domain\pdurbin and you get some XML at

See also How should I update my Apple Mail settings after Tuesday October 11 2011?

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