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RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1I'm Ron Burgundy???61:04Guess history
2briguy70:57Guess history
3Billy81:12Guess history
4Al S.90:36Guess history
4Daily Alice91:00Guess history
6namuk100:33Guess history
6Ertchin100:33Guess history
6Nick Name100:53Guess history
6whoa101:21Guess history
10dan110:30Guess history
10moi110:33Guess history
10L111:04Guess history
13vocab121:45Guess history
14Drew130:46Guess history
14Els132:40Guess history
16ktd141:20Guess history
16EWR141:39Guess history
16ph141:56Guess history
16Donna!142:11Guess history
20Tyler Hinman150:32Guess history
20Meagan151:05Guess history
20bobk151:41Guess history
20mike b152:25Guess history
20C152:56Guess history
20bird internet153:50Guess history
20mh154:25Guess history
27Jon88161:25Guess history
27ECC 4 now162:13Guess history
27kristin163:53Guess history
27RAK165:15Guess history
31...172:01Guess history
31Bob M.173:51Guess history
33KDR181:04Guess history
33Stella181:18Guess history
33Margaret181:43Guess history
33Beaglemom181:45Guess history
33jmiz181:52Guess history
339999182:38Guess history
39jmb191:33Guess history
39arg karph54191:39Guess history
39Francis191:54Guess history
39b192:53Guess history
43Maureen R201:05Guess history
44gag219:31Guess history
45AS!222:15Guess history
46yeeesh245:17Guess history
47mya264:56Guess history
47the answer is torrent2636:00Guess history
47David S262:21:04Guess history

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