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Correct solvers for today:

RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1C. Thuot76:33Guess history
2vocab91:05Guess history
2Am91:15Guess history
4Tom R.101:16Guess history
5Els111:35Guess history
6Margaret121:44Guess history
6Rogersr121:55Guess history
6Bob M.122:27Guess history
6kristin122:38Guess history
6Frances123:04Guess history
11namuk131:30Guess history
11Drew131:51Guess history
11mike b132:53Guess history
11Merri H134:36Guess history
11Mara137:39Guess history
16Jon88141:46Guess history
16crzy4wds142:29Guess history
16Billy142:39Guess history
16Ringoes143:10Guess history
16pupusa143:17Guess history
16mh144:37Guess history
16Eddie Arthur146:28Guess history
16sjtbot31413:00Guess history
24Stella151:12Guess history
24AmesGames151:23Guess history
24Kaya151:23Guess history
24Ana151:58Guess history
24SDW152:03Guess history
24Lane152:48Guess history
24MB152:50Guess history
24jmb152:51Guess history
24Amy153:24Guess history
33Tyler Hinman161:35Guess history
33BORGIA161:43Guess history
33beth161:43Guess history
33===162:50Guess history
33john plaut162:56Guess history
33karph54163:08Guess history
33Jacksons163:39Guess history
33Neville's Mom164:03Guess history
33Jfm167:23Guess history
33Nina's friend168:03Guess history
33boop168:09Guess history
33brian162:56:07Guess history
45x171:38Guess history
45Elizabeth M (finally!)172:40Guess history
45finale172:51Guess history
45Daily Alice173:17Guess history
45chopperfoul174:18Guess history
45Gram175:00Guess history
45"Fie 'n it."1718:01Guess history
52Meagan181:36Guess history
52Jackie B.181:44Guess history
52scrivener is a bozo182:14Guess history
52nightsky182:16Guess history
52pvh182:22Guess history
52kp not in rehab182:38Guess history
52C. Robert Dimitri184:11Guess history
52Norma184:52Guess history
52Jpass not in rehab185:16Guess history
52Sally1810:21Guess history
52ουτις1813:00Guess history
63gungadin193:18Guess history
63Barbara M193:21Guess history
63jarrod194:03Guess history
63Basil Eddington1945:16Guess history
67bobk202:39Guess history
67Beaglemom203:50Guess history
67Lace205:02Guess history
70John M216:15Guess history
70Moose217:32Guess history
70....Death2111:54Guess history
73UFFDA!!!222:54Guess history
74Hartley70238:27Guess history
75Nancy R273:23Guess history
76Kwads3011:43Guess history

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