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Correct solvers for today:

RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1Frivolisaurus Rex100:40Guess history
1Jon88100:40Guess history
1boop103:02Guess history
4Al S.111:05Guess history
4Bencoe111:14Guess history
4steve111:45Guess history
7Ephraim120:29Guess history
7muffuletta121:03Guess history
7inkstainedwretch121:34Guess history
7benton121:57Guess history
7heather123:36Guess history
12nka130:38Guess history
12Stella130:38Guess history
12AmesGames130:41Guess history
12Nancy R130:43Guess history
12Lane131:08Guess history
12Mr Kltpzyxm132:19Guess history
12Bob M.132:30Guess history
12Naaate132:38Guess history
12===132:51Guess history
12Rogersr133:18Guess history
12ουτις1313:51Guess history
23Margaret141:48Guess history
23Ringoes142:32Guess history
23Steve W143:19Guess history
23moi [avec des autres]143:26Guess history
23Enos143:52Guess history
23Merri H143:58Guess history
23Inlikeflynn1436:27Guess history
30Tyler Hinman150:33Guess history
30ktd151:30Guess history
30L152:32Guess history
30Frances152:36Guess history
30chopperfoul154:24Guess history
30bunderful154:53Guess history
36Francis161:38Guess history
36Jonp72162:02Guess history
36gungadin162:03Guess history
36karph54162:54Guess history
36mike b162:58Guess history
36Huh?163:30Guess history
36ekm165:04Guess history
43Meagan171:28Guess history
43Daily Alice172:54Guess history
43Billy173:13Guess history
43kristin173:17Guess history
43zed179:13Guess history
48Cat183:01Guess history
48Theora183:13Guess history
48Faeth183:18Guess history
48Neville's Mom184:36Guess history
48ac184:37Guess history
48kari185:50Guess history
48Jacksons189:04Guess history
48Liz189:32Guess history
56twoporedomain194:49Guess history
56ugh194:53Guess history
58Lisa2110:14Guess history
59drjinx225:52Guess history
60Elizabeth M (shriek!)2415:05Guess history

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