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Correct solvers for today:

RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1"I'm Mr. Cosco."111:39Guess history
2b70:48Guess history
3Maureen R100:36Guess history
4Al S.111:12Guess history
4Jon88111:19Guess history
4karph54111:44Guess history
4crzy4wds112:05Guess history
8Ertchin121:02Guess history
8Meagan121:59Guess history
8mike b123:11Guess history
8a bear combing his hair124:44Guess history
12MCatherine131:05Guess history
12ktd131:42Guess history
12kramer131:42Guess history
12mh131:43Guess history
12Bob M.131:58Guess history
12pvs132:26Guess history
12m133:56Guess history
12kjashdgf134:35Guess history
20martinet141:20Guess history
20jmb141:32Guess history
20BORGIA141:53Guess history
20BruceW142:10Guess history
20scrivener142:28Guess history
20Lane142:45Guess history
20WERE IN REHAB143:03Guess history
20Els143:09Guess history
20Lace143:59Guess history
20Lisa144:12Guess history
20Merri H145:15Guess history
20boop147:24Guess history
32Francis151:15Guess history
32beth151:19Guess history
32Alfio151:40Guess history
32Stella151:47Guess history
32katport152:14Guess history
32Nancy R152:29Guess history
32bobk152:29Guess history
32Nina's friend153:33Guess history
32Mr Kltpzyxm154:44Guess history
32sjtbot31514:01Guess history
42jacksons164:14Guess history
42Moose165:10Guess history
44[Politics]BobDole171:10Guess history
44Parts and particples171:36Guess history
44dan171:38Guess history
44Enos172:58Guess history
44MB173:01Guess history
44jarrod173:16Guess history
44marysmellan173:36Guess history
51AmesGames181:39Guess history
51Frances184:33Guess history
51Ringoes184:49Guess history
51Daily Alice185:27Guess history
51Lady Hilda of Slough185:49Guess history
56Kaya192:06Guess history
56x192:17Guess history
56Ro193:27Guess history
56amanda!193:35Guess history
56Neville's Mom194:35Guess history
61Tyler Hinman (site VERY slow!)202:27Guess history
61Jackie B.202:49Guess history
612.5 std dev too small204:21Guess history
61ουτις2012:38Guess history
65nightsky216:36Guess history
66Norma224:03Guess history

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