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Correct solvers for today:

RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1jmb111:17Guess history
2yuval and a121:54Guess history
2Els122:50Guess history
2ουτις128:39Guess history
5Bencoe131:20Guess history
5TBoz131:49Guess history
5katport132:04Guess history
8CPR141:46Guess history
8B142:51Guess history
8pvs142:52Guess history
8MB144:19Guess history
8jpass not in rehab1424:10Guess history
13Kaya150:44Guess history
13zed152:00Guess history
13Norma152:08Guess history
13Gloria152:52Guess history
13Matt K152:55Guess history
13inkstainedwretch153:32Guess history
13Merri H153:47Guess history
20Cassy yay161:19Guess history
20widdershins161:42Guess history
20Steve W161:51Guess history
20Jon88161:52Guess history
20jms162:09Guess history
20ekm162:16Guess history
20mike b162:52Guess history
20kp not in rehab163:31Guess history
20CK163:53Guess history
20Patd163:55Guess history
20Billy165:56Guess history
31M171:29Guess history
31benton171:33Guess history
31bobk172:23Guess history
31Ro172:23Guess history
31namuk172:32Guess history
31JZ172:44Guess history
31Margaret173:06Guess history
31WesleyB173:41Guess history
31briguy174:02Guess history
31steve174:04Guess history
31Bob M.174:06Guess history
42dan181:30Guess history
42x181:42Guess history
42Tj\182:05Guess history
42I'm so sick182:25Guess history
42Jackie B.182:40Guess history
42Kevin Dern186:42Guess history
42a4awesomeness186:51Guess history
42boop1843:32Guess history
50duh191:59Guess history
50Lisa193:09Guess history
50===193:19Guess history
50MPD193:24Guess history
54Tyler Hinman201:00Guess history
54Christy203:15Guess history
54Robyn205:00Guess history
57Emily C.214:48Guess history
58Ertchin222:32Guess history
59AmesGames241:42Guess history

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