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RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1t112:07Guess history
1Merri H112:42Guess history
3benton131:34Guess history
4namuk151:10Guess history
4ekm152:22Guess history
6mike b162:03Guess history
6zed163:55Guess history
8nka170:55Guess history
8Moi-meme172:32Guess history
8Els172:34Guess history
8ac172:34Guess history
8Cat172:40Guess history
8Drew174:11Guess history
8Roxanne174:39Guess history
15Nancy R181:25Guess history
15Jackie B.181:48Guess history
15Jon88182:06Guess history
15Ringoes182:18Guess history
15katport182:28Guess history
15condonnj182:37Guess history
15John M182:38Guess history
15Moose182:46Guess history
15CUbackinREHAB182:53Guess history
15boop185:05Guess history
25IAS192:09Guess history
25Margaret192:13Guess history
25Nick Name192:43Guess history
25douglas3112193:22Guess history
25Joe193:36Guess history
25Bob M.193:44Guess history
25Neville's Mom195:19Guess history
25Naaate195:52Guess history
25Ayen196:44Guess history
25mh197:00Guess history
35Barbara M201:50Guess history
35===203:09Guess history
35Kaya203:11Guess history
35Lane203:39Guess history
35Patd204:35Guess history
35iPhoneWay Down206:01Guess history
35rekrap208:24Guess history
42x212:05Guess history
42JB213:02Guess history
42musette214:39Guess history
42gungadin214:43Guess history
42bean215:09Guess history
42inkstainedwretch216:21Guess history
42MichaelM 217:02Guess history
49bobk223:03Guess history
49marginaliana224:10Guess history
49Karolina224:19Guess history
49ουτις228:59Guess history
53Meagan232:23Guess history
53nightsky232:28Guess history
53MB233:53Guess history
53RPlaut234:17Guess history
53Bee Zee Kay234:33Guess history
53pvs235:56Guess history
53a4awesomeness237:18Guess history
53Scotty2312:00Guess history
61ACS285:13Guess history

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