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RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1namuk70:15Guess history
2boop83:02Guess history
3john plaut90:52Guess history
3sjtbot398:01Guess history
5MAYA100:59Guess history
6karph54110:49Guess history
6CPR110:52Guess history
6Enos111:29Guess history
6kp not in rehab111:35Guess history
6benton111:46Guess history
6Li112:13Guess history
6Claire114:27Guess history
13Maureen R120:32Guess history
13dan120:38Guess history
13Al S.120:48Guess history
13katport120:50Guess history
13Norma120:51Guess history
13Drew120:55Guess history
13Laura Dove121:33Guess history
13121:38Guess history
13Ringoes121:38Guess history
13Jpass not in rehab122:17Guess history
23Kaya130:36Guess history
23Nancy R130:41Guess history
23Margaret131:04Guess history
23beth131:05Guess history
23muffuletta131:08Guess history
23KJ131:09Guess history
23magmalike131:14Guess history
23===131:16Guess history
23pvh131:21Guess history
23Cory131:29Guess history
239999131:42Guess history
23Nina Koch131:43Guess history
23Mr Kltpzyxm131:45Guess history
23Frances131:49Guess history
23jarrod132:03Guess history
23gungadin132:18Guess history
23Spoiled rotten132:26Guess history
23crzy4wds132:35Guess history
23kristin132:46Guess history
23ουτις132:51Guess history
43KDR140:42Guess history
43Tyler Hinman140:51Guess history
43mimi140:56Guess history
43SDW141:04Guess history
43moi141:05Guess history
43oijawopifja141:07Guess history
43ph141:30Guess history
43pvs141:56Guess history
43Lynnbo142:03Guess history
43John M142:06Guess history
43mtc142:07Guess history
43brian142:10Guess history
43Melissa142:17Guess history
43Billy142:17Guess history
43"Hi, Slav."1429:34Guess history
58AmesGames150:36Guess history
58nka150:47Guess history
58x150:50Guess history
58Meagn150:56Guess history
58Jon88151:09Guess history
58Ertchin151:27Guess history
58Lace151:47Guess history
58pete152:08Guess history
58debby152:32Guess history
58Laura K152:39Guess history
58inkstainedwretch153:29Guess history
58mh154:44Guess history
58Basil Eddington155:48Guess history
58Sfgiants1515:21Guess history
72Pete Rimkus160:45Guess history
72M161:09Guess history
72L161:31Guess history
72martinet161:39Guess history
72jojo161:54Guess history
72MB161:56Guess history
72Lane162:06Guess history
72Ls162:06Guess history
72Neville's Mom162:13Guess history
72tania162:16Guess history
72nightsky162:25Guess history
72mike b162:44Guess history
72Bob M.163:04Guess history
72Mara163:36Guess history
72Daily Alice163:53Guess history
72BILL166:52Guess history
88Alfio171:39Guess history
88yuio171:54Guess history
88beagle dachshund chef175:01Guess history
91[Politics]BobDole180:44Guess history
91Stella180:48Guess history
91b183:05Guess history
91jacksons184:06Guess history
95e.a.202:09Guess history
95Carl LaFong202:22Guess history
95UGH202:23Guess history
98Bencoeduh212:22Guess history
98scrivener (ugh!)213:53Guess history
98WERE IN REHAB214:25Guess history
98Ida2117:44Guess history

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