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RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1Joe gets lucky90:30Guess history
1Nice!90:55Guess history
3bea100:57Guess history
3bean101:01Guess history
5Al S.110:38Guess history
5Katie110:48Guess history
5bobk111:01Guess history
8jmb120:51Guess history
8benton121:09Guess history
10steve131:00Guess history
10Lynne131:30Guess history
10Harry Palms131:49Guess history
10Bob M.131:52Guess history
10Nancy R132:21Guess history
15briguy151:35Guess history
15pupusa151:42Guess history
15===152:41Guess history
18MtlMike162:15Guess history
19Lane171:47Guess history

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