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Correct solvers for today:

RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1vocab50:26Guess history
2===91:06Guess history
3martinet100:38Guess history
4111:21Guess history
5Drew130:53Guess history
5Al S.131:33Guess history
5mh132:03Guess history
5a moose kissing a goose136:01Guess history
9Maureen R140:44Guess history
9briguy141:22Guess history
9Jon88141:23Guess history
9benton141:46Guess history
9jarrod141:57Guess history
9Lace142:19Guess history
9Els142:23Guess history
9Bob M.142:28Guess history
9Billy145:16Guess history
18Ringoes152:47Guess history
18ktd152:53Guess history
20dan161:03Guess history
20Meagan161:07Guess history
20moi161:30Guess history
20karph54162:21Guess history
20mik b162:40Guess history
25puke171:50Guess history
25Good one old chap171:52Guess history
25tania172:35Guess history
25One dude one cube172:44Guess history
25inkstainedwretch176:06Guess history
30Kailina M183:07Guess history
30ουτις188:14Guess history
32bobk195:05Guess history
32Mr. A. A. Ang196:34Guess history
34MB203:03Guess history
34HamillB203:23Guess history
36Lane215:12Guess history
37Tyler Hinman (ugh)221:28Guess history
37Francis222:37Guess history
39crzy4wds244:02Guess history

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