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Correct solvers for today:

RankNameGuessesTimeHistory (mouse over)
1Stella60:18Guess history
1KNOL61:10Guess history
3Cassy yay80:18Guess history
3Enos81:11Guess history
5jmb90:42Guess history
5B91:27Guess history
7karph54100:31Guess history
7john plaut101:27Guess history
7mh102:17Guess history
10Margaret111:02Guess history
10e.a.111:05Guess history
10Billy111:10Guess history
10Meagan111:16Guess history
10b112:57Guess history
15twangster120:51Guess history
15moi120:53Guess history
15ngtwng120:59Guess history
15patd121:03Guess history
15martinet121:13Guess history
15katport121:13Guess history
15bird internet121:21Guess history
15Francis121:25Guess history
15ks not in rehab121:47Guess history
15we're in rehab122:03Guess history
15Basil Eddington122:05Guess history
26Tyler Hinman130:36Guess history
26Melissa130:44Guess history
26dan131:05Guess history
26Norma131:17Guess history
26Jacksons131:17Guess history
26mtlmike131:24Guess history
26Daily Alice131:26Guess history
26mimi131:29Guess history
26mike b131:45Guess history
26Ringoes131:45Guess history
26Bob M.132:12Guess history
26Ronald133:01Guess history
26John M133:04Guess history
39cindy s140:41Guess history
39Ab140:49Guess history
39Jon88141:14Guess history
39Lee @ BRB141:39Guess history
39Neville's Mom141:45Guess history
39===141:56Guess history
39Els141:56Guess history
39seamus143:14Guess history
39Natalie P.143:27Guess history
39boop145:35Guess history
39Chris Griffin1425:22Guess history
50Pete Rimkus150:56Guess history
50namuk150:57Guess history
50benton151:22Guess history
50xxx151:37Guess history
50Lane151:48Guess history
50L2151:57Guess history
50L152:10Guess history
50Cilantro Jones152:12Guess history
50ECC 4 Life!!!152:17Guess history
50Lewis H152:26Guess history
50Gram155:35Guess history
50sjtbot31514:02Guess history
62Drew160:53Guess history
62x161:12Guess history
62SDW161:21Guess history
62amanda!161:37Guess history
62kp not in rehab161:38Guess history
62Bencoe161:46Guess history
62kristin163:49Guess history
62Frances166:18Guess history
70LEIF171:12Guess history
70Kaya171:18Guess history
70Nick Name171:30Guess history
70KatD171:53Guess history
70Judy172:16Guess history
70Tj172:16Guess history
70musette173:38Guess history
70Merri H173:47Guess history
70tutters174:22Guess history
79Ephraim181:24Guess history
79Katie181:30Guess history
79Nancy R181:47Guess history
79mean old elaine181:47Guess history
79Al S.181:52Guess history
79mya183:13Guess history
85KDR190:59Guess history
85bobk191:54Guess history
85Donna!!192:04Guess history
85briguy192:13Guess history
85Cat192:28Guess history
85tania192:32Guess history
85RAK193:49Guess history
92BruceW201:37Guess history
92MB202:34Guess history
92brian202:56Guess history
95ink224:13Guess history
96:(243:09Guess history

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