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What About the Parties?


“Faith in America: Political Theory’s Logic of Autonomy and Logic of Congruence”, Religion and Democracy in America, ed. Alan Wolfe and Ira Katznelson, Princeton University and Russell Sage, forthcoming 2010.


"On the Side of the Angels "
The Storrs Lectures at Yale Law School
Spring, 2006

With Russel Muirhead , "Political Liberalism vs. the Great Game of Politics "
Perspectives on Politics
March, 2006, Vol. 4 no. 1: 99

"Religious Parties, Religious Political Identity, and the Cold Shoulder of Liberal Democratic Thought"
Ethical Theory and Moral Practice
6: 23 -53, 2003

"Individualism: An Interview with Nancy L. Rosenblum"
The Hedgehog Review: Reflections on Contemporary Culture
Spring, 2002

The Robert S. Stevens Lecture, Cornell Law School, March 26, 2002.

Constitutional Reason of State
Commentary on the Tanner Lectures delivered by Kathleen Sullivan
War, Peace, and Civil Liberties
November 9, 2001

The Priestley Lectures
University of Toronto
January 14, 15, 16, 2002
Party ID: Political Parties and Democratic Identity


  • LECTURE 1: Primus Inter Pares: Political Parties and Civil Society
  • LECTURE 2: Anti-Extremism, Anti-Partisanship, Anti-Politics
  • LECTURE 3: Democracy without Parties? In Search of a Public Sphere