Selected press

Nature News and Views: A plan for efficient use of nitrogen fertilizer

Harvard Gazette: Today’s farming practices can cool temps

Ars Technica: Cropland in the US Midwest may limit extreme high temperatures

Nitrogen balance map in National Geographic: Our fertilized world (based on fertilizer dataset from Mueller et al. 2012, N balance methodology from Foley et al. 2011)

Yield gap maps featured in National Geographic: A five-step plan to feed the world

Grown to Run: Minnesota

Grown to Run (G2R) was an adventure learning project for grades 7-12 that explored innovative agriculture by foot and pedal across a swath of central Minnesota from Madison to Stillwater. I was a co-PI on the grant supported by the UMN Institute on the Environment (and a cyclist during the journey), although Bryan Runck deserves primary credit for the vision and logistics. Curriculum and multimedia resources are available on request.

The Natural Capital Project

I worked with the Natural Capital Project to provide its users with access to databases on agricultural production and management. NatCap provides modeling tools for policymakers and land managers analyzing the ecosystem service tradeoffs of land use decisions.