Collin McCabe

Ph.D. Candidate, Harvard University

An Introduction

I'm a researcher and Ph.D. candidate in Human Evolutionary Biology at Harvard University. As an evolutionary biologist, I'm broadly interested in how interactions between organisms shape the course of evolution. No organism evolves in a vacuum; indeed, it's often the discovery of the most unexpected and inexplicable interactions among organisms that furthers our understanding of evolution. But this isn't anything new; the father of modern evolutinary thinking himself even saw this a fitting addition to his magnum opus:

"Many cases are on record showing how complex and unexpected are the checks and relations between organic beings, which have to struggle together…"

Charles Darwin, On the Origin of Species

I’m also a biological anthropologist, which means that I’m interested in what has shaped the course of our own evolution, as humans. Specifically, I study our relationship with the critters that call us home from time to time, parasites and pathogens, and I study how our relationship with these organisms has affected our traits and behaviors, as well as those of our evolutionary cousins, the primates. In addition to my research, I'm also involved with various public science collaboration projects and outreach programs both on the web and in the real world.