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About Lenin. Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1980.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC DK254.L42 R3713 1980
Air strike; heroes of the war in the air. [Translated from the Russian by D. Ogden] Moscow, Foreign Language Publishing House, [1958?] SERIES: Library of Soviet short stories
CONTENTS: The station commander, by V. Vukolov.-Two "Mentions", by N.
Lichak.-Gastello's pupil, by V. Vukolov.-One against twelve,
by M. Makoveyev.-In the night sky, by A. Kremenskoi.-Torpedo
-bombers, by A. Nestersky and a. luferov. For valour, by Y.
Sklyarevsky.-Three hundred and sixty duels, by B. Yakovelev.
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.210
Aliens, travelers, and other strangers. Macmillan's Best of Soviet science
fiction. New York: Macmillan Publishing; London: Collier Macmillan, c1984.
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Always a woman: stories. Moscow: Raduga Publishers, c1987.
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The Amber lyre, 18th-20th century Lithuanian poetry. Moscow: Raduga, 1983.
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for HWG8RJ
America's Russian poets. Ann Arbor [Mich.]: Ardis, [1975].
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Anthology of Armenian poetry. New York: Columbia University Press, 1978.
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An Anthology of Russian literature from earliest writings to modern fiction:
introduction to a culture. Armonk, N.Y.: M.E. Sharpe, c1996.
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An Anthology of Russian neo-realism: the "Znanie" School of Maxim Gorky. Ann
Arbor, Mich.: Ardis, c1982.
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Anthology of Russian short stories from classical to modern. Moscow: Raduga
Publishers, 1985-
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HN8LXS Library has: v. 1
Anthology of Soviet short stories. Progress Soviet authors library. Moscow:
Progress, 1976.
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The Ardis anthology of recent Russian literature. Ann Arbor [Mich.]: Ardis,
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The Ardis anthology of Russian futurism. Ann Arbor, Mich.: Ardis, c1980.
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Armenian poetry, old and new: a bilingual anthology. Detroit: Wayne State
University Press, 1979.
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Azure cities: stories of new Russia. / by Romanov, Pilniak, Seifullina, Ivanov, Zoshchenko, Liashko, Shaginian, Shishkov, Tolstoy, Babel, Neverov, Volkov, Lidin. New York: International Publishers, 1929.
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 11
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Copy A=HWRE3D Library has: Copy A. Copy B.
Balancing acts: contemporary stories. Bloomington: Indiana University Press,
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The Barsukov triangle, The two-toned blonde & other stories. Ann Arbor, Mich.:
Ardis, c1984.
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Bearne, C. G. Modern Russian short stories. London, MacGibbon & Kee, 1968-
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Bearne, C. G. comp. Vortex: new Soviet science fiction. London: MacGibbon &
Kee, 1970.
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The Beat Generation and the Russian New Wave. Ann Arbor: Ardis, c1990.
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Birman, Abraham, comp. An anthology of modern Hebrew poetry. London, New York
[etc.] Abelard-Schuman [1968].
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Birth of a new world: stories. Moscow: Raduga Publishers, c1987.
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The Bitter air of exile: Russian writers in the West, 1922-1972. Rev.
Berkeley: University of California Press, c1977.
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Blackwell, Alice Stone. Armenian poems, rendered into English verse. Boston,
Roberts Brothers, 1896.
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Blake, Patricia, ed. Half-way to the moon: new writing from Russia. London:
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Blake, Patricia, ed. Dissonant voices in Soviet literature. [New York]
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Brown, Edward James. Russian literature since the Revolution. Rev. and enl.
ed. Cambridge, Mass.: Harvard University Press, 1982.
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Carlisle, Olga Andreyev comp. Poets on street corners; portraits of fifteen
Russian poets. New York, Random House [1969, c1968].
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 70
LOCATION: Russian Res Ctr: Slav 4185.336
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.336
CONTENTS: Alexander Alexandrovich Blok.--Anna Andreyevna Akhmatova.--Boris
Leonidovich Pasternak.--Osip Emilievich Mandelstam.--Marina
Ivanovna Tsvetayeva.--Vladimir Vladimirovich Mayakovsky.-
-Sergei Alexandrovich Yesenin.--Nikolai Alexeevich
Zabolotsky.--Boris Yulianovich Poplavsky.--Yevgeny
Alexandrovich Yevtushenko.--Andrei Andreyevich Voznesensky.-
-The Barachni poets: Igor Holin; Henri Sabgir.--Bella
Akhatovna Akhmadulina.--Joseph Brodsky.
NOTES: Poems in English
Conquest, Robert. Back to life; poems from behind the Iron Curtain. London,
Hutchinson [1958].
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 39
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Contemporary Latvian poetry. Iowa translations. Iowa City: University of Iowa
Press, c1984.
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Contemporary Russian prose. Ann Arbor, MI: Ardis, c1982.
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Harvard Depository
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PG3276.C6 Consult Circ. Desk for HW4FKD
Library has: Copy A
CONTENTS: The steel bird / Vasily Aksenov -- Snowball berry red / Vasily
Shukshin -- A school for fools / Sasha Sokolov -- The exchange
/ Yury Trifonov -- Life in windy weather / Andrei Bitov --
Belshazzar's feasts / Fazil Iskander -- Downstream / Valentin
Cournos, John, ed. A treasury of Russian life and humor. New York, Coward
-McCann, inc. [1943].
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3213.C6
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Cournos, John, comp. and tr. Short stories out of Soviet Russia. New York,
E.P. Dutton & Co., inc. [c1929].
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B=HNE5CK Library has: Copy B.
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Coxwell, C. Fillingham (Charles Fillingham), tr. Russian poems. London, The C.
W. Daniel company [1929].
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Davidman, Joy, ed. War poems of the United nations; three hundred poems, one
hundred and fifty poets from twenty countries. New York, Dial press, 1943.
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Davis-Poynter, R. G. comp. For freedom, theirs and ours; an anthology of
Russian writing. London, MacGibbon & Kee, 1968.
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4175.6
Destination: Amaltheia. Science-fiction and adventure library. Moscow, Foreign
Languages Pub. House [1962].
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.293
CONTENTS: The astronaut, by V. Zhuravlyova.-Over the abyss, by A. Belayev.-The Maxwell equations, by A. Dnieprov.-The valley of the four crosses, by I. Zabelin.-The golub-yavan, by K. Stanyukovich.-Flying flowers, by M. Vasilyev.-Destination: Amaltheia, by A. and B. Strugatsky.
Deutsch, Babette, ed. and tr. Modern Russian poetry; an anthology. The
European library. New York, Kraus Reprint, 1968.
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Dissonant voices: the new Russian fiction. Leopard; 1. London: Harvill, 1991.
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Do the Russians want war?: collection. A Library of Russian and Soviet fact
fiction. Moscow: Progress Publishers, c1985.
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Dutt, Violet L., tr. Soviet science fiction. Collier books, AS279V. New York,
Collier Books [1962].
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by Soviet writers. Science-fiction library. Moscow, Foreign Languages Pub.
House [196-?].
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Fen, Elisaveta, tr. Soviet stories of the last decade. London, Methuen & co.
ltd. [1945].
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.94.5
CONTENTS: South-bound, by A. G. Malyshkin.--Raw stuff, by A. Dolgihih.-
-The call, by Ilyia Ehrenburg.--A rendezvous, by M. Shoshin.-
-The thief, by Olga Roonova.--The master cook, by Vladimir
Lidin.--The trial of a comrade, by B. Gorbatov.--The sea
breeze, by I. Sokolov-Nikitov.--March-April, by Vadim
Kozhevnikov.--The friends, by M. Bramm and I. Grinberg.--The
commandant of the Isle of Birds, by Serghei Dikovsky.--The
only son, by K. Simonov.
Fen, Elisaveta, tr. Modern Russian stories. 3d ed. London, Methuen & Co. ltd.
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.94 photocopy
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.94
CONTENTS: The viper, by Alexei Tolstoy.--What the nightingale sang of, by
Michael Zoshchenko.--The chronicle of Narovchat, by Konstantin
Fedin.--Andron, the good-for-nothing, by Alexandre Nevierov.-
-A year of their life, by Boris Pilniak.--Three tales, by
Leonid Leonov.--Sex problems, by Panteleimon Romanov.--The
birth of a king, by I. Babel.
Ferryboat across the Kirenga: stories. Moscow: Progress Publishers, c1980.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PG3286.F47 Consult Circ. desk for
CONTENTS: Winter is coming / Yuri Antropov -- Oil on fire / Valery
Povolyaev -- A hard night on the railroad / Boris Mashuk --
First time in Moscow / Vladimir Mirnev -- Ferryboat across the
Kirenga / Vyacheslav Shugaev.
Flying Osip; stories of new Russia. New York, International Publishers, 1925.
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.167
CONTENTS: Introduction, by A. Chramoff.--Flying Osip, by I. Kasatkin.--A
theatrical performance in the hamlet of Ogryzovo, by V.
Shishkov.--Leather jackets, by Pilnyak.--The lawbreakers, by
Lydia Seifulina.--The 'Merican, by V. Ivanov.--On the rails,
by V. Ivanov.--The soldiers, by A. Arosev.--Lenin, by A.
Arosev.--Thirteen, by M. Kolosov.--Hunger (a diary) by S.
Semenov.--A mere trifle! by E. Zozulya.--Glossary.
Four Soviet plays. Moscow, Co-operative Publishing Society of Foreign Works in
the U.S.S.R., 1937.
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3245.F6x
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.65
CONTENTS: Yegor Bulichov and others, by Maxim Gorky. --An optimistic tragedy by Vsevolod Vishnevsky..--Aristocrats by Nikolai Pogodin.--Masters of time by Ivan Kocherga.
Four Soviet war plays ... London, New York [etc.]: Hutchinson & Co., Ltd.,
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 22a
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3245.F63
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4180.340
CONTENTS: The front, by Alexander Korneichuk.--Invasion, by Leonid
Leonov.--The Russians, by Konstantin Simonov.--Guerillas of
the Ukrainian steppes, by Alexander Korneichuk.
Friedberg, Maurice, ed. A bilingual collection of Russian short stories. New
York, Random House [1964-
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 61 Library has: v. 1-2.
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3280.F7 Library has: v. 1-2.
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4180.2691 Library has: v. 1-2
From Furmanov to Sholokhov: an anthology of the classics of Socialist realism.
Ann Arbor: Ardis, c1988.
LOCATION: Hilles: PG3266.F76 1988
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3266.F76 1988
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Gerenstain, Grigori. The fall, and other stories. 1st ed. -- New York: Harper
& Row, c1976.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PG3481.E742 F3x 1976
CONTENTS: Instead of a preface.--Strange kike.--Flying.--The old woman-
-The fall.--The game.--Report.--The French horn.--Waterloo.-
-Khamsin.--Aunt Lena.--Why there were no more live fish.-
-Publication.The amazon.
Gibian, George. comp. Russia's lost literature of the absurd: a literary
discovery. Selected works of Daniil Kharms and Alexander Vvedensky. Ithaca,
Cornell University Press [1971].
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4550.159.621
Ginsburg, Mirra. comp. Last door to Aiya: a selection of the best new science
fiction from the Soviet Union. New York: S. G. Phillips, 1968.
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 69a
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3276.G5x
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Ginsburg, Mirra, ed. and tr. The fatal eggs, and other Soviet satire. New
York, Macmillan [1965].
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 54a
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LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.312
Ginsburg, Mirra, comp. The ultimate threshold; a collection of the finest in
Soviet science fiction. [1st ed.]. New York, Holt, Rinehart and Winston
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC PG3276.G56 x
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC PG3276.G56x 1978
CONTENTS: Icarus and Daedalus, by H. Altov.--Erem, by G. Anfilov.--Formula
of immortality, by A. Dneprov.--When questions are asked, by
A. Dneprov.--The horn of plenty, by V. Grigoriev.--The useless
planet, by O. Larionova.--The ultimate threshold, by H.
Maximov.--Invasion, by R. Podolny.--When you return, by I.
Rosokhovatsky.--One less, by I. Rosokhovatsky.--We played
under your window, by V. Shcherbakov.--Preliminary research,
by I. Varshavsky.--He who leaves no trace, by M. Yemtsev and
Y. Parnov.
The Glade with life-giving water: stories from the Soviet Baltic Republics.
Moscow: Progress Publishers, 1981.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PG8111.E8 G5 Consult Circ. Desk for
Glasnost: an anthology of Russian literature under Gorbachev. Ann Arbor, Mich.:
Ardis, c1990.
LOCATION: Hilles: PG3276.G54 1990
LOCATION: Russian Res Ctr: PG3276.G54 1990
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC PG3276.G54 1990
CONTENTS: Old Hasan's pipe / Fazil Iskander -- Our Crowd / Lyudmila
Petrushevskaya -- Rough weather / Anatoly Genatulin -- Left
behind / Vladimir Makanin -- Captain Dikshtein / Mikhail
Kuraev -- The parakeet Anna's body / Viktor Erofeev -- Night /
Tatyana Tolstaya -- The visit / Nikolai Shmelev -- Dreams from
the top berth / Valery Popov -- Anna Petrovna / Alexander
Glenny, Misha, ed. Three Soviet plays. Penguin plays, PL62. [Middlesex, Eng.]
Penguin Books [1966].
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 64a
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.344
CONTENTS: The bedbug, by Vladimir Mayakovsky.--Marya, by Isaac Babel.--The
dragon, by Yevgeny Schwartz.
The Golden age of Soviet theatre. Penguin plays. Harmondsworth, Middlesex; New
York: Penguin, 1981, c1966.
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3245.G6x 1981
CONTENTS: The bedbug / Vladimir Mayakovsky -- Marya / Isaac Babel -- The
dragon / Yevgeny Schwartz.
The golden steed: seven Baltic plays. Prospect Heights, Ill.: Waveland Press,
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PG8111.E5 G6 Consult Circ. Desk for
CONTENTS: Rainis, J. The golden steed.--Brigadere, A. Maija and Paija.- -Luts, O. The spirit of Lake Ulemiste. The Will-O'-the -Wisp. --Kitzberg, A. The werewolf.--Saja, K. The village of nine woes.--Boruta, K. Whitehorn's windmill.
NOTES: Translated from Estonian, Latvian, and Lithuanian.
The Golden-tressed soldier. Manhattan, Kan., USA: Military Affairs/Aerospace
Historian, c1983.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC PG3286.G64 1983
Graham, Stephen, ed. Great Russian short stories. New York, Liveright Pub.
Corp. [1960].
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3286.G7x
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Great Russian short stories. New York: H. Liveright, 1929.
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 5
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository Slav 4185.60 Consult circ desk for Copy
B=HN96FI Library has: Copy B.
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.60 Library has: Copy A. Copy B trans. to Harvard
Guerney, Bernard Guilbert, ed. A treasury of Russian literature; being a
comprehensive selection of many of the best things by numerous authors in
practically every field of the rich literature of Russia from its beginnings to
the present, with much material now first made available in English, and all of
the accepted favorites newly translated or their current translations thoroughly
revised. New York, The Vanguard Press [1943].
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 19a
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3213.G8
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.100 Library has: Copy A. Copy B trans. to
Harvard Depository.
Guerney, Bernard Guilbert. An anthology of Russian literature in the Soviet
period from Gorki to Pasternak. Modern library paperbacks, P60. New York,
Random House [1960].
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3213.G74
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Guerney, Bernard Guilbert, ed. The portable Russian reader. The Viking
portable library. New York, 1947.
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 19b
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Guerney, Bernard Guilbert, comp. and tr. New Russian stories. London, P. Owen
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.101.12
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 31a
Half a revolution: contemporary fiction by Russian women. 1st ed. Pittsburgh,
Pa.: Cleis Press, c1995.
LOCATION: Hilles: PG3286.H35 1995
LOCATION: Schlesinger: 891.73 G392h
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PG3286.H35 1995 Consult Circ. Desk for
CONTENTS: Confessional days : in anticipation of the end of the world / Nina Gorlanova -- Election day / Galina Volodina -- The day of the poplar flakes / Marina Paley -- The clean zone / Irina Polianskaya -- She who bears no ill / Yelena Tarasova-- Speak, Maria! / Tatiana Nabatnikova -- Mashka and Asiuna / Natalia Shulga -- In the here and there / Valeria Narbikova -- Touched / Nina Sadur.
The heart of the serpent. Science-fiction library. Moscow: Foreign Languages
Pub. House, [196-?].
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.302
CONTENTS: The heart of the serpent / Ivan Yefremov -- Siema / Anatoly Dnieprov -- The trial of Tantalus / Victor Saparin -- Stone from the stars / Valentina Zhuravleva -- Six matches / Arkady and Boris Strugatsky.
Heroic Leningrad; documents, sketches and stories of its siege and relief.
Moscow, Foreign languages publishing house, 1945.
LOCATION: Widener: HB 505.133
Houghton, Norris, ed. Great Russian short stories. Laurel edition, LC110.
[New York, Dell Pub. Co., 1958].
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 50a
The Human experience: contemporary American and Soviet fiction and poetry. 1st
ed. New York: A. Knopf: Distributed by Random House; Moscow: Khudozhestvennaya
literatura, 1989.
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LOCATION: Lamont: PN6101.H79 1989
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The Image of women in contemporary Soviet fiction: selected short stories from
the USSR. New York: St. Martin's Press, 1989.
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LOCATION: Lamont: PG3286.I44 1989
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Kapp, Yvonne, ed. Short stories of Russia today. [1st American ed.]. Boston,
Houghton Mifflin, 1959.
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Benn [1932].
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.315
Kontinent 4: contemporary Russian writers. New York, N.Y.: Avon Books, c1982.
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LOCATION: Russian Res Ctr: PG3213.K6 1982
Kunitz, Joshua, ed. Russian literature since the Revolution. New York: Boni
and Gaer, 1948.
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LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.145 Library has: Copy B. Copy A trans. to
Harvard Depository.
["About the authors and their works": p. 909-919. "A selective
guide to modern Russian literature in English translation,
1880-1947": p. 920-930.
Landsbergis, Algirdas, ed. The green oak; selected Lithuanian poetry. [1st ed.
New York] Voyages Press [1962].
LOCATION: Widener: Balt 9625.20
Lavrin, Janko, ed. Russian humorous stories. London: Sylvan Press, 1946.
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3098.H8 L3x
CONTENTS: Introduction.--Pushkin, Alexander. The undertaker.--Gogol,
Nikolai. The nose.--Saltykov-Shchedrin, Mikhail. The ideals of
a carp.--Dostoevsky, Fyodor. The crocodile.--Leskov, Nikolai.
The flea.--Chekhov, Anton. The orator.--Chekhov, Anton. The
safety-match.--Zoshchenko, Mikhail. In hospital.--Zoshchenko,
Mikhail. The discerning dog.--Babel, Isaak. The king.--Ilf,
Ilya [and] Petrov, Evgeny. Columbus reaches the shore.
Lenin in Soviet poetry: a poetical chronicle. Moscow: Progress, 1980.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository DK254.L456 L38 Consult Circ. Desk for
Lenin, the revolution, peace: stories. Moscow: Raduga Publishers, c1986.
LOCATION: Widener: Harvard Depository PG3286.L4 1986 Consult Circ. Desk for
Letters of love: women political prisoners in exile and the camps. London; New
York: Quartet Books, 1989.
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Lindsay, Jack, ed. and tr. Russian poetry, 1917-1955. London: Bodley Head,
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 35a
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The Lithuanian short story: fifty years. New York: Manyland Books, c1977.
LOCATION: Widener: WID-LC PG8771.E8 L57 x
Loaf sugar and other Soviet stories. Library of contemporary Soviet novels.
London: Lawrence & Wishart, 1957.
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.195
Love's bittersweet melody : stories / designed by Robert
PUB. INFO: Moscow : Raduga, c1989.
DESCRIPTION: 223 p. ; 21 cm.
CONTENTS: Asya / Ivan Turgenev -- The little hero / Fyodor Dostoyevsky -
-Love / Anton Chekhov -- The garnet bracelet / Alexander
Kuprin -- The wind rose / Konstantin Paustovsky -- The story
of a first love / Nikolai Gribachev --Manka / Yuri Kazakov --
The letter / Fazil Iskander -- The classy driver / Vasily
Shukshin -- Moments that matter / Victor Likhonosov.
ISBN: 5050024854
Lyons, Eugene, ed. Six soviet plays. Boston, New York: Houghton Mifflin, 1934.
LOCATION: Hilles: 891.7 8
LOCATION: Lamont: PG3245.L9x
LOCATION: Widener: Slav 4185.53 Library has: Copy A. Copy B, Copy C trans. to
Harvard Depository.
CONTENTS: Days of the Turbins, by Michael Bulgakov.--Squaring the circle,
by Valentine Katayev.--Tempo, by Nikolai Pogodin.--Bread, by
Vladimir Kirshon.--Inga, by Anatole Glebov.--Fear, by
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C1 - Enter DISPLAY C1 for circulation information
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