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papers (non-Harvard)
NOTE: Some of the following works may in fact be available in Harvard's library system and are included in this list by error. Students interested in a source from this list should do a Hollis search before ordering it through inter-library loan.


The Call (Prizyv). Organ Angliiskoi gruppy kommunistov v Rossii. Nos. 1&emdash;48 (14 Sept 1918&emdash;28 Sept 1919). Weekly.
The Call of the workers and peasants of Russia to their English speaking fellow workers. Title of the newspaper "The Call" (Prizyv) during the period: Nos. 1&emdash;14 (14 Sept 1918&emdash;14 Dec 1918).
The Coalminer (Shakhter). Leninsk-Kuznetskii, Nov 1931 &endash; Jan 1932 (irregular?)
Homeland. Rodina = Homeland: Ezhened. Pril. K gaz. "Rodina = Kodumaa." Weekly; first issue 9 January 1985. (Rodina = Kodumaa, Tallinn; 1958--)
Petrograd free press. Nos. 2&emdash;4 (26 Nov 1917&emdash;30Nov 1917).
The Seaman (Moriak). Odessa; Published in English and Russian 1921&emdash;1924 (in various languages, Moriak appeared since 1917)
?Soviet War News (encountered as cross-reference to Soviet News in HOllis; no other trace)
The Struggle for socialism (Bor'ba za sotsialism). Novosibirsk; published in English 5 February 1932&emdash;18 March 1932 (irregular?)
Chicago locations:
Workers news. v. 1-2, no. 58; Feb. 4, 1931-Apr. 28, 1932. Moscow, Ogonyok. [1931&emdash;1932]
LOCATION: CRL (Chicago): Center has: G-243 v.1, no. 1-v.2, no. 10 (Feb. 4, 1931-Jan. 20, 1932); LACKS: v.1, no. 7, 78, 87 7N26:10 v. 2, no. 11-58 (Jan. 22-Apr. 28, 1932); LACKS: v. 2, no. 44-45, 53