English-Language Primary Sources for the Study of Soviet History
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Conceived of and developed by Professor Terry Martin
Supported by the Office of the Dean of Undergraduate Education and Harvard University. Contributions by David Brandenberger, Katia Dianina and Mark Baker. Copyright © Terry Martin.
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This on-line resource is intended to facilitate Harvard students' use of primary source materials in their course papers by easing the process of identifying relevant English-language books and publications. Students should be aware that these data bases do not come close to identifying all English-language primary sources in Harvard's libraries.
Below is a list of thematically organized data bases which contain lists of materials organized alphabetically. Most of the data bases are devoted to holdings in Harvard's libraries and consist of HOLLIS records. Others contain useful materials in other North American libraries which are available, in most cases, by interlibrary loan. These appear in the form of OCLC WorldCat records. Students should be aware that some of the materials listed as "non-Harvard items" may in fact be owned by Harvard. They should double-check with HOLLIS before ordering the materials through interlibrary loan.
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Soviet society
Harvard Project on the Soviet Social System
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