Jennifer A. Logan
Senior Research Fellow
School of Engineering and Applied Sciences
Harvard University

RESEARCH GROUP prior to my retirement in May, 2013


Matthew Alvarado (2008-2010) Research Scientist, Atmospheric and Environmental Research
Bryan Duncan (1997-2001) Research Physical Scientist, NASA/Goddard, Atmospheric Chemistry and Dynamics Branch
Andrew Fusco (1997-2002)
Research Analyst, financial services industry
Rynda Hudman Kay (2007-2008) US EPA, Region 9, San Francisco
Fok-Yan Leung (2003-2007) Assistant Research Professor, Washington State University
Junhua Liu (2008-2013) Scientist 1, Universities Space Research Association, at NASA/Goddard
Ray Nassar (2006-2008) Research Scientist, Environment Canada
Dominick Spracklen (2005-2007) Associate Professor, Leeds University
Parvadha Suntheralingam  Reader, University of East Anglia
Valerie Thouret  (1998-1999) Scientist, Laboratoire d’Aerologie, Toulouse, France
Yukio Terao (2004-2007) Senior Researcher, National Institute for Environmental Studies, Japan
Maria Val Martin (2007-2009) Research Scientist, Dept. of Atmos. Science, Colorado State University
Xu Yue (2010-2012), Postdoctoral Associate, Yale University


Dylan Jones Associate Professor, University of Toronto
Denise Mauzerall Professor, Princeton University

Lee Murray, Post-doctoral Reseach Scientist, Columbia University
Sanford Sillman  Research Professor, University of Michigan (retired)
Amanda Staudt  Director, Board on Atmospheric Sciences and Climate, National Research Council
Solene Turquety Maitre de Conferences, Universite de Paris VI
James Wang   Scientist III, USRA (at NASA/Goddard)
Yuhang Wang Professor, School of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences, Georgia Tech
Yaping Xiao Research Scientist, Atmospheric and Environmental Research
Lin Zhang Assistant Professor, Peking University


Inna Megretskaia, Scientific Programmer
Rose Yevich, Scientific Programmer (retired)