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   Students, please check this page regularly for announcements
Date:Wed May 15, 2019 You will have two hours for the exam. You may use any books and notes during the exam. You may not use any electronic devices during the exam.
Location:Emerson Hall 101

Note: The exam is in Emerson Hall 101 in Harvard Yard. Note: Students taking the course for non-credit status may not take the final exam. Non-credit students may pick up a copy of the exam when the exam is over.
Note: Distance Ed Students must arrange for a local proctor. See the DCE website for details. Students who live in New England are expected to take the exam on the Harvard campus.

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19 Mar    Project 4 Posted
Project 4, pong, is posted on the Projects page.
04 Mar    Assignment 3 Posted
Assignment 3 (sttyl) is now posted on the Assignments page.
19 Feb    Project 2 Posted
The second programming project is posted on the assignments page.
05 Feb    Project One Posted

The first programming project is posted on the assignments page on the course site.

This is due in a week and a half. Brandon can answer questions about it during his section on Wed (6:45-7:45pm) in room 201 and on Zoom. It is based on material in chapter 2 (which is the content of class 2).

01 Feb    Please Complete a Student Information Form

If you have not completed a student info form, please do so now. We want to schedule office hours and the form includes a section where you can tell us what times are good for you to attend office hours or section. The address of the form is:

thank you

30 Jan    Learning C online
A site with useful starting tutorial is at:
29 Jan    Scheduling Office Hours: Please Complete a Form
Please complete the student information form at this link to tell us when you are available to attend office hours. The form also asks about your C and Unix experience. That is useful, too.
18 Jan    Learn to Use the Zoom Web Conference System

CSCI-E28 lectures and discussion/review sections will be broadcast using the Zoom web conference system. Zoom lets remote students participate in class online in real time, able to see, hear, and speak into the classroom from home.

If you think you might attend class or section in this way, please attend a Zoom training session given by our web conference team so that you will be prepared for the first class. You can find training times and information about equipment you will need on the web conference training website (

23 Oct    Welcome to CSCI-E28
Unix Systems Programming, CSCI-E28, begins at 8:00PM on Wednesday January 30, 2019 live in Cambridge and on the Internet. If you have any questions about the course, please send email to molay .

Please try the self-assessment exercises at this link to help you determine if you are prepared for the course.