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   Students, please check this page regularly for announcements
Date:Wed May 10, 2017 You will have two hours for the exam. You may use any books and notes during the exam. You may not use any electronic devices during the exam.
Location: Harvard Hall 103

Note: The exam is in Harvard Hall 103 in Harvard Yard. Note: Students taking the course for non-credit status may not take the final exam. Non-credit students may pick up a copy of the exam when the exam is over.
Note: Distance Ed Students must arrange for a local proctor. See the DCE website for details. Students who live in New England are expected to take the exam on the Harvard campus.

as of: 24 Apr 14:57

22 Apr    WSNG and SSH Tunnels
Please see the document on the wsng assignemnt page about setting up and using a tunnel to get to your website for wsng.
21 Apr    Sample Final Exams
You can find sample final exams in ~lib215/info . To copy them to your own account, login to the machine at Harvard and type
cp ~lib215/info/f*  . 
16 Apr    HW6 Posted
The final assignment is posted on the projects page.

NOTE: No late days allowed for hw6. HW6 will not be accepted after the deadline.

11 Apr    Reminder: varsub happens before splitline

The write up and the source code both say that the version of varsub in the starter code is in the wrong place in the command processing flow.

The shell should process:

    echo $DAY$SUFF

to output Tuesday (showing that you need to handle embedded varsubs)

and if the user types: a.c b.c c.c to this script:

    read LIST
    cc -o prog $LIST

the shell should see and process SIX args, not FOUR as the original version does.

01 Apr    Project 5 is Posted
The small shell assignment is posted on the projects page.
13 Mar    HW4 Posted
The pong assignment is posted on the assignments page
27 Feb    Project 3 Posted
The third programming project is posted on the projects page.
23 Feb    Test Script for fsct
You can now type: ~lib215/hw/fsct/test.fsct
14 Feb    Project 2 Posted
The second programming project is posted on the projects page.
07 Feb    Copying Files between Nice and Home
See the how-to-transfer document in the Reference section.
07 Feb    Typo Corrected on Proj1 Assignment
The original version of the proj1 assigment said that swow is an extension of more03.c. That is not correct. The correct statement is that swow is an extension of who3.c . The corrected version is posted.
06 Feb    Office Hours Tuesdays 5:30-7:00PM
Nate will be available in person to answer questions Tuesday evenings from 5:30-7:00PM.

The location is the computer lab in the basement of the Harvard Science Center. The lab is the one behind the big window.

He will also keep an eye on Piazza so distance students can get quick answers to questions.

06 Feb    Order of Records in output for wow
The output of wow must be in the order of the records in the wtmp file. That order is chronological.
01 Feb    Would You Come to In-Person Office Hours
We would like to offer in-person office hours on Tuesday and/or Thu evening. A few people in class on Feb 1 said they would come in.

I would like to hear from other local people if they would like in-person office hours and what evening is better.

If you are local and might come to office hours to talk about your homework or any course questions, please write to lib215 with your preferences for day and time.

26 Jan    Piazza Signup Link is...
The special code was given during the lecture. See the video for details.
19 Oct    Welcome to CSCI-E28
Unix Systems Programming, CSCI-E28, begins at 5:30PM on Wednesday January 25, 2017 live in Cambridge and on the Internet. If you have any questions about the course, please send email to molay @ .

Please try the self-assessment exercises at this link to help you determine if you are prepared for the course.