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   Students, please check this page regularly for announcements as of: 12 Feb 19:02

12 Feb    Project 2 is Posted
The secound assignment is posted on the Projects page. Start soon.
31 Jan    Project 1 Posted
The first real assignment is posted on the Projects page
23 Jan    Distance Students: Install Zoom and Read Instructions

We are using Zoom ( for real-time video conference technology during class. If you plan to attend any of the classes over the Internet you must download the software and read the guidelines/rules for using it during class.

This URL: is the lecture video page. From here you will click the Zoom in the Room Lecture to join the class.

and This URL: is the Instructions and Tips the you really should read before joining the class.

18 Jan    Account at Harvard and on Piazza

Please set up your computer account for the Harvard computer system before class starts. To do so, go to

Also, please set up an account at Piazza. The site is
and I shall mail the access code to the email address for all registered students.

06 Nov    Welcome to CSCI-E28
Unix Systems Programming, CSCI-E28, begins at 5:30PM on Wednesday January 24, 2018 live in Cambridge and on the Internet. If you have any questions about the course, please send email to molay @ .

Please try the self-assessment exercises at this link to help you determine if you are prepared for the course.