Research Projects

Petrogenetic Investigation of Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean

Active lab personnel: C. Langmuir, J. Standish, and C. Rotman

Current collaborators: P. Michael (Tulsa Univ.), D. Graham (Oregon State Univ.), S. Goldstein & Merry Cai (LDEO), H. Dick (WHOI), J. Warren (DTM), Margo Edwards (Hawaii), J. Snow, (Univ. Houston), H. Edmonds (Univ. Texas-Austin)

Members of the Langmuir lab and collaborators are currently involved in petrologic investigation of the lavas erupted along the Gakkel ridge, Arctic Ocean.  Samples collected during the 2001 AMORE cruise have been analyzed for major element, trace element, volatile and isotopic compositions and this data is being interpreted to gain a better understanding of the processes that produce MORB chemical variability, both along the Gakkel ridge and between the Gakkel ridge and other global spreading ridges.  To date this research expedition has revealed many surprising observations and discoveries (see related publications) and the work specific to this lab promises to uncover additional significant findings.  For more information (click here) …


Recent Lab Publications