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Solution Nebulization (SN)-ICP-MS

Thermo’s XSeries ICP-MS provides a powerful, precise measurement tool for trace and ultra-trace element analysis in a wide varity of applications. Schematic of an ICP-MS system below shows basic components of the system.


Courtesy from Thermo


Trace and Utra-trace Element Analysis of Silicate Materials by ICP-MS Using PicoTrace HF/HNO3 Digestion

Trace element analysis is carried out by quadrupole ICP-MS (Thermo Electron, X-Series ICP-MS with CCT) and data reduction is carried out in house using multiple independently calibrated internal standards.  Precision for most elements is 2-3%. 






Determination of Trace Elements and Rare Earth Elements (REE) Using a Na2O2 Sinter Digestion Procedure

Sodium Peroxide sinter technique is used for samples with hard to dissolve minerals, or where the low field strength elements are not of concern. This technique produces data for the REE, Th and most of the high field strength elements. It is a cost-effective method for working on altered volcanic samples. This technique is modified from Longerich et al. (1990).