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The Langmuir group occupies 3,000 square feet of newly refurbished lab space where sample preparation and digestion are performed for trace element and isotope analyses. The space also houses a Thermo Electron X-Series ICP-MS, New Wave 213nm UV Laser, and Beckman SMI III DCP Spectrometer.

Instrument Lab

Trace element analysis is carried out by quadrupole ICP-MS (Thermo Electron, X-Series ICP-MS with CCT) and data reduction is carried out in house using multiple independently calibrated internal standards.  Precision for most elements is 2-3%.  Solid sample analysis is achieved using a laser ablation system (New Wave Instruments, 213 nm laser) in conjunction with the ICP-MS, yielding precision of better than 3% for most elements. Major and minor element analysis is carried by DCP.



Chemistry Lab

To prepare rocks as aqueous solutions, samples are digested using a closed system Teflon vessel PicoTrace Disollution Unit capable of digesting batches of 16 to 32 samples simultaneously (to temperatures of 180°C and 20 bars).  The acids used for digestion are double-distilled using the PicoTrace or Savillex acid distillation system, and acid dilutions are made with 18.2 MΩ deionized water delivered by an ultra pure water polishing system.


Rock Preparation Lab

This space includes the necessary sample preparation equipment and microscopes for the generation of rock powders and hand-picked glasses.


Clean Rooms

Low blank levels are critical for the measurements of ultra-trace concentrations and isotopic composition. To maintain the blanks at the lowest levels possible, the standard and sample preparations are accomplished in a positively pressured Class 100 clean lab with HEPA filtered air. The clean labs are metal-free labs with better than class 10 laminar-flow work spaces for chemical separations and low blank trace element and isotope analysis.


Facilities Available in Other EPS Groups

In addition, Langmuir Group researchers have access to:

Isotope Research Geo- and Cosmochemistry Facilities from the Jacobsen Group,



GV Instruments TIMS and Finnigan TIMS



GV Instruments MC-ICP-MS and JEOL Model 733 EMP


Noble Gas Lab Facilities from the Mukhopadhyay Group

Noble Gas MS

NU Instruments Noble Gas Multi-Collector MS


And Center for the Environment from Schrag Group.

Lab Access

Please note that access to all labs is restricted to authorized personel only.  Please contact Lab Manager, Dr. Zhongxing Chen at 617-384-9809 for questions regarding lab access.