Department of Earth and Planetary Sciences
20 Oxford Street
Harvard University
Cambridge, MA 02138


1973: B.A. with honors - Harvard University - History of Science and Geology
1977: M.S. - SUNY, Stony Brook, New York
1980: Ph.D. - SUNY, Stony Brook - Thesis Title: A major and trace element approach to basalts  Thesis Advisor: G. N. Hanson


1973 - 1974: Henry Russell Shaw traveling fellowship from Harvard University
1980 - 1981: Post-doctoral fellowship from Lamont-Doherty
1983 - 1985: Alfred Sloan Research Fellow
1993: Fellow, American Geophysical Union
1996: N. L. Bowen Award, American Geophysical Union
1997: Fellow, American Academy of Arts and Sciences
1998: Daly Lecturer, American Geophysical Union
1998: Fellow, Geochemical Society and European Geochem. Soc.
2003: Arthur Holmes Medal, European Union of Geosciences
2006: Member, National Academy of Sciences


1998 - 2000 Co-founder, Geochemistry, Geophysics, Geosystems
2000 - 2002 AGU Nominations Committee
2000 - 2006; Ridge 2000 Steering Committee


1981 - 1986 Assistant Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs., of Columbia University, Palisades, New York
1986 - 1988 Associate Professor, Lamont-Doherty Earth Obs.
1988 - 2002 Professor, Lamont-Doherty Geol. Obs.
1989 - 2002 Arthur D. Storke Memorial Professor, Lamont-Doherty
1989 - 1990 Visiting Scientist, Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris
2002 - 2003 Visiting Scientist, Institut de Physique du Globe, Paris
2002 - Professor of Geochemistry, Harvard University


1984      R/V Kana Keoki        Izu volcanic arc and back-arc rifts (Petrologist)
1985      R/V New Horizon     East Pacific Rise : 6°-13° N (Co-Chief Scientist - CHEPR)
1985      R/V Knorr                  Mid-Atlantic Ridge : Kane Fracture Zone (Chief for petrology program)
1987      R/V Oceanus              Mid-Atlantic Ridge : 26°-32°N (Chief for petrology program)
1987      R/V Atlantis II/Alvin  Bonin back-arc rifts (Petrologist)
1989      R/V T. Washington     E.Pacific Rise (Co-Chief Scientist - VENTURE)
1991      R/V Atalante               Mid-Atlantic Ridge (Petrologist - Project SIGMA)
1992      R/V Atlantis II             Mid-Atlantic Ridge, 32°41°N (Chief Scientist - FAZAR)
1993      R/V Atlantis II/Alvin   Lucky Strike Hydrothermal Site (Chief Scientist)
1993      R/V Hakuko-Maru      Indian Ocean Triple Junction (Petrologist)
1997      R/V Melville                East Pacific Rise (Chief Scientist - OROZCO)
2001      USCGC Healy            Gakkel Ridge, Arctic Ocean, Principal Investigator
2004      R/V Kilo Moana          Lau Basin, South Pacific, Principal Investigator


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