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WorldMap is an open source web mapping platform developed by the CGA. It is a technology designed to support scholars as well as the general public which fills a niche between heavyweight desktop mapping tools like ArcGIS and lightweight web tools such as Google Maps and Earth.

Part of our educational outreach involves training people how to use WorldMap.

Contact: Dr. Kirk Goldsberry

CGIS South Room 408

(617) 495-5365


We offer regular training sessions in WorldMap - please check here for the latest schedule!

WorldMap allows users to create their own mapping applications containing their own (sometimes very large) data layers, symbolize layers, remix their maps with layers others make available, and publish maps in a variety of dynamic ways. Since the release of WorldMap in July of 2011, hundreds of users have started creating their own mapping applications. Since the first application AfricaMap, hundreds of new applications have been built containing more than a thousand data layers.