my research investigates concepts and applications of Geographic Information Science.

I am particularly interested in visualization of geographic information. My publications either investigate theoretical issues relating to depictions of data or they demonstrate the abilities of contemporary geovisualization techniques to enhance our understanding of complex spatial scenarios (e.g. access to nutritious foods in urban areas). Here are a few recent examples:

  1. Fish, C., Goldsberry, K., and Battersby S. (In Press) Change Blindness in Animated Choropleth Maps: An Empirical Study. Cartography and Geographic Information Science.
  2. Shortridge, A. Goldsberry, K., and Weessies, K. (2011) Measuring Research Data Uncertainty in the 2010 NRC Assessment of Geography Graduate Education. Journal of Geography 110(6): 219-226
  3. Goldsberry, K. Duvall, C., Howard, P., Stevens, J. (2010) Nutritional Terrain Mapping: A Geospatial Investigation of Pedestrian Produce Accessibility. GeoCarto International 25(6): 485-499.
  4. Goldsberry, K., AcMoody, S. (2010) Mapping Nutritional Terrain: Using GIS To Identify Food Deserts In Lansing, Michigan. ArcUser 13(4): 48-49
  5. Battersby, S. and Goldsberry, K. (2010) Transition Behaviors in Dynamic Thematic Maps. Cartographic Perspectives, 65:16-32
  6. Duvall, C.S, P. Howard, and K. Goldsberry. (2010) Apples and oranges? Classifying food retailers based on fresh produce availability in a Midwestern U.S. city. Journal of Hunger and Environmental Nutrition 5(4): 526-541
  7. Goldsberry, K. and Battersby, S. (2009) Issues of Change Detection in Animated Choropleth Maps. Cartographica, 44(4): 201-215


I also am very interested how the applications of GIScience technologies can help us better understand the world around us; you can find examples of my work in these areas on my cartography page.