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As of Fall 2011, the CGA now offers extensive curriculum support services. The primary objective is to expand the presence of spatial reasoning and geospatial content within the Harvard curriculum. We work primarily with professors and teaching fellows to integrate spatial concepts into their courses Below you will find a description of our five core support services. If you envision a service that does not fit within these categories, we'd love to hear about it!


Contact: Dr. Kirk Goldsberry

CGIS South Room 408

(617) 495-5365


Our main educational goal at the CGA is to integrate new spatial reasoning curricula into existing Harvard courses. Space and geography are critical themes in hundreds of courses within the overall Harvard curriculum so it is imperative that they are properly explored. By developing new learning materials that deal with geospatial concepts, we can empower students to understand course content in important new ways.

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Many techniques that enable students to gain new spatial perspectives can be tedious to learn and to teach. At CGA we are also developing several new online resources, including many tutorials that allow users to learn new geospatial skills on their own time, and at their own pace.




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WorldMap is CGA's new software solution that enables users to create, store, visualize, and exchange geographic information with unprecedented ease and convenience. Along with WorldMap developers we are running regular WorldMap training sessions that introduce participants to WorldMap, and enable people from all backgrounds to become geospatially active. To find out more about WorldMap training click here.
We also develop customized map displays for professors that need to explain complex geospatial phenomena in one image. Maps have the power to summarize extremely complex situations in one simple image. Unfortunately, good maps can be hard to find. If you are interested in seeing some maps We developed for SW 12, please click here.
The academic arm of the CGA also offers guest lectures to faculty interested in devoting entire class sessions to relevant geospatial topics. We can tailor lectures to several different themes and provide examples that align with existing course narratives and themes. All we need is a few weeks of preparation time, and we can deliver a tailor-made lecture to your students. Read More