Presidents' Award

    COPSS sponsors and presents the Presidents' Award to a young member of the statistical community in recognition of an outstanding contribution to the profession of statistics.  The Presidents' Award, established in 1976, is jointly sponsored by the American Statistical Association, the Institute of Mathematical Statistics, the Biometric Society ENAR, the Biometric Society WNAR, and the Statistics Society of Canada operating through COPSS.  The award consists of a suitable certificate and cash award in the sum of $1000 and is given during the joint meetings of the sponsoring societies.  The first award was made in 1979, and is awarded yearly.

    The recipient of the Presidents' Award shall be a member of at least one of the participating societies.  The candidate may be chosen for a single contribution of extraordinary merit, or an outstanding aggregate of contributions, to the profession of statistics.  The Presidents' Award is granted to an individual who has not yet reached his or her 41st birthday during the calendar year of the award.


The Winners of the COPSS Presidents' Award:


1981: Peter J. Bickel  

1982: Stephen E. Fienberg  

1983: Tze Leung Lai  

1984: David V. Hinkley

1985: James O. Berger  

1986: Ross Prentice 

1987: C.F. Jeff Wu  

1988: Raymond J. Carroll

1989: Peter G. Hall

1990: Peter McCullagh

1991: Bernard W. Silverman

1992: Nancy M. Reid

1993: Wing Hung Wong

1994: David L. Donoho

1995: Iain M. Johnstone

1996: Robert Tibshirani

1997: Kathryn Roeder

1998: Pascal Massart

1999: Larry Wasserman

2000: Jianqing Fan

2001: Xiao-Li Meng

2002: Jun S Liu

2003: Andrew Gelman

2004: Michael Newton