STAT 315b: Fundamentals of Computational Biology

Professors  Wing Hung Wong  and Jun Liu

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Office (Wing H Wong): HSPH2, Room 441, 655 Huntington Ave, Boston, MA 02115

Phone: (617) 432-4912       Office Hours: by appointment

Office (Jun Liu):  711 Science Center, 1 Oxford Street, Cambridge, MA 02138

Office Phone: (617) 495-1600          Office Hours: by appointment

Class meets every Friday 1:30-3:20pm

Classroom: Kresge 502 (In SPH, 655 Huntington Ave)

       Syllabus of the course

       Reading list for microarrays


1.    Introduction to microarray experiments: principle and design

                Some links used in the lecture

2.    Microarray designs and data cleaning (normalization, etc.)

            A reading list for microarray analysis

3.    Clustering methods: hierarchical clustering and tree harvest

            Link to Pat Brown’s lab for more microarray data

4.    Principal component analysis, gene shaving, plaid model

        Human cell cycle data in Excel format and in plain text format

         (you can analyze it with your favorite method)

5.    Discriminant  analysis, neural networks, etc.

         Linear discriminant analysis, Bayes rules, logistic regression etc.

         Comparing LDA and the neural network classifier.

6.    Support Vector Machine


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