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sica A. Savage
Putnam Fellow
Arnold Arboretum
Harvard University

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Current News:

November 2015 - Our paper on the phloem of giant pumpkins recently got highlighted in the news! Check out the articles by the BBC, NPR WHYY, the Smithsonian, the Botanist in the Kitchen.

September 2015 - Our review on phloem ecophysiology is available online.

July 2015 -
I  just got back from BSA and had a wonderful time! Check out my

June 2015 - Up-coming publication on litter decomposition in willows.

January 2015
- I received the DaRin Butz Fellowship to support  undergraduate research at the Arboretum.

Highlights from 2014
- I received the Plant, Cell and Environment Postdoctoral Award for my presentation at ESA.

I received a Putnam Fellowship.
In August 2014, I started working at the Arnold Arboretum studying seasonal vascular changes in precocious flowering plants.

I am excited to announce that I will be joining the faculty at UMN Duluth next year!