ISCO-88 conversion tables


The following files contain the Stata commands for translating ISCO-68 into ISCO-88, several national codes into ISCO-88, and lower-level ISCO-88 codes into higher-level codes. Many of these commands have been done by Harry Ganzeboom. Please consult his website for additional information, and cite it if you use these tables. Others are from national statistical offices. All these conversion tables come with the important qualification that the translations are only approximations to ISCO-88.  ISCO-68, and some national classifications, does not use a conceptual framework that is identical to ISCO-88 (for an explanation of the latter, see ILO/Hoffmann document).


1, Conversion of ISCO-68 into ISCO-88


2. Conversion of French codes into ISCO-88


3. Conversion of Swedish SYK into ISCO-88


4. Conversion of UK SOC codes into ISCO-88


5. Conversion of US codes into isco88


6. Lower-level ISCO-88 codes into higher-level codes