Social Studies 98ea:

Conflict and Cooperation in International Politics

Professor Michael J. Hiscox
Harvard University

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International Institutions
United Nations
European Union
World Bank

US State Department on NATO
COW Alliances Data

Nuclear Weapons and Deterrence
UN Disarmament/WMD Page
US Arms Control and Disarmament Agency
International Crisis Behavior Project

Democracy, Commerce, and Conflict
Correlates of War Archive
Russett Data Sets
Polity IV Data Archive
Paul Hensel's Data Site

Globalization, the IMF, and the WTO
World Trade Organization
International Monetary Fund
Harvard's Global Trade Negotiations

Environmental Issues
UN Environmental Program
EPA's Topics Page
World Wildlife Fund
Tragedy of the Commons Page
Environmental Treaties

Ethnic Conflict
International Crisis Group (ICG) Page
INCORE's Conflict Site
World Bank Research on Civil War
Minorities at Risk Project

UN "Action Against Terrorism"
US State Department "Response to Terrorism"
The Terrorism Research Center
CIA "War on Terrorism"

UN Peacekeeping Page
Conflict and Intervention Project
Violent Intrastate Nationalist Conflicts Project