Government 98eo: Globalization and American Foreign Economic Policy

Michael J. Hiscox
Harvard University



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Further reading, by topic

Links to Documents and Data:

Sides in the Debate
 - Pro-trade voices:
Cato Institute
National Foreign Trade Council
Consuming Industries Trade Action Coalition
World Economic Forum

 - Anti-trade voices:
Economic Policy Institute
Global Exchange
World Social Forum

 - Surveys:
PEW Global Attitudes Project
PIPA Americans and International Trade

The Economics of Trade
International Economics Study Center
Institute for International Economics
Economist Survey of Globalisation
Economist Survey of World Trade
US ITC Dataweb

Politics and American Trade Policy
US Trade Representative
US International Trade Commission
US International Trade Administration
Thomas (Congressional Documents)
2002 Fast Track House Roll Call Votes
2002 Fast Track Senate Roll Call Votes
2002 Fast Track Committee Report

Trade Agreements, Disputes, and the WTO
World Trade Organization
WTO: Settling Disputes
WTO: The Doha Agenda
USTR Trade Agreements
USTR Dispute Settlement
Harvard's Global Trade Negotiations

Regionalism vs. Multilateralism
USTR Bilateral Agreements
USTR Regional Agreements
Asian Pacific Economic Cooperation
European Union
WTO: Regional Agreements

NAFTA Secretariat
NAFTA Commission for Labor Cooperation
Commission for Environmental Cooperation
1993 NAFTA House Roll Call Votes
1993 NAFTA Senate Roll Call Votes
1993 NAFTA Committee Report

 Agricultural Trade
WTO: Agriculture
2002 Farm Act
2002 Farm Act Committee Report
U.S. Department of Agriculture
EWG Farm Subsidies Database

Capital Flows, Debt Crises, and the IMF
IMF video: The IMF in the New Century
IMF: What is the IMF?
IMF Lending Arrangments by Country
IMF's Heavily Indebted Poor Countries Initiative
External Debt Statistics Compiled by the IMF

International Monetary Systems
US Department of the Treasury
US Treasury's Exchange Stabilization Fund
Federal Reserve's Daily Exchange Rates

Multinational Corporations
UNCTAD World Investment Directory
OECD Foreign Direct Investment Statistics
US Direct Investment Abroad
Foriegn Direct Investment in the US
ILO: Corporate Codes of Conduct
Amnesty: Responsibilities for Corporations
Corporate Register

Trade and Labor Standards
Business and Human Rights Resource Centre
FairTrade Labelling Organizations International
Ethical Trade Initiative
Clean Clothes Campaign
Social Accountability International
ILO: International Labour Standards

ILO: Data on National Labour Laws by Country
WTO: Labour Standards
Worker Rights Consortium
National Labor Committee

Trade and the Environment
UN Environmental Program
Environmental Treaties
WTO: Trade and Environment
WTO: Environmental Disputes
The Shrimp-Turtle Dispute
The US Gasoline Dispute
The Tuna-Dolphin Dispute
Global Reporting Intiative

Trade with China
2000 China PNTR House Roll Call Votes
2000 China PNTR Senate Roll Call Votes
China PNTR Committee Report
China's WTO Accession Hearings
USTR Reports on China's WTO Compliance

Trade and Development
WTO Trade and Development
WTO Doha Agenda
UNCTAD Trade and Development
World Bank Development Reports
Harvard's Center for International Development

US Immigration Statistics
United States Immigration Legislation
US Citizenship and Immigration Services
Migration Policy Institute
OECD International Migration Data
White House Proposal for Immigration Reform